All-in-One Staffing Software solution for Kent Event Services

Josh Heyburn grew Kent Event Services out of his Event Management Masters degree. What started as a research project, became a viable business - and a business that grew quickly. From humble beginnings managed with a few excel spreadsheets and google docs, Kent Event Services suddenly needed staffing software that could match their fast-paced growth.

Staffing software solution for Kent Event Services

All-in-One Software
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Josh foresaw that as Kent Event Services rapidly grew, he would need staffing software that could support that growth and improve on his staff onboarding experience. Having relied upon excel spreadsheets combined with google docs and email to organise, communicate and take their event staff through the recruiting process, this disjointed system quickly began to prove ineffective. Josh needed software to take care of his admin and scheduling.

“When it was just me, it was all in my head, but things can get lost in communication. With no audit trail, no consistency, there is a danger there. With a dozen or so staff I could get by with an email and an excel doc, but demands were getting higher as we took on more contracts. The need for a centralised system grew even more so when I brought on a staffing manager”

A fast-growing business needs the right tools

Josh foresaw a need for more HR resources. “We were due to put our largest deployment in the last two years at the end of May 2020 at a really large scale festival. I knew in the back of my head – amongst all the things that were already in the calendar and enquires coming in – that there were going to be many events, across several weeks. I was going to need multiple team leaders or event managers across these events who were going to need a clear idea of who was on their team. On a scale like that, everyone needs to be singing off the same song sheet.”

Enter Liveforce. After a preliminary Google search for staffing and HR software, Josh found Liveforce – it so happens we had also been recommended to him by another colleague in the events industry.

All-in-One Staffing Software

A combination of recommendations and online searches led Josh to book a demo with Liveforce. Josh wanted to be able to onboard, recruit, schedule, communicate and manage his event staff all from one place. After his first large scale event, which went really well, Josh knew that with the right staffing software he could make the process even better.

“From the moment someone signs up with Kent Event Services or applies for a role, every single bit of admin, up until the point where I need to pay them, is managed through Liveforce. Everything. It’s literally; log on to Liveforce; input your info; upload your documents; apply for a shift. Then all staff schedules are there; you can allocate them to an event, give them a role, authorise those hours and then export it to your payroll system.”

It was incredibly important for Josh that the staffing software he chose would be able to run alongside his current payroll system – which is exactly what Liveforce does.

Staffing in the time of coronavirus

They say timing is everything – and March 2020 hit the events industry worldwide, and hit it hard. Within a week most events were cancelled or postponed. Kent Event Services were no different, but ever the forward-thinker Josh decided to use that time effectively by implementing Liveforce ready for when the market returns. This approach quickly reaped rewards when one of Kent Event Services upcoming events – LoveJuice: Playground – was rescheduled from May to August.

“It was really easy to move the whole event to the new date with Liveforce. I was able to change and reschedule everyone’s shifts. I would otherwise have sent out a BCC mass email, but without knowing who had read the emails. With Liveforce there’s a data trail so I know who has and who hasn’t responded”

As much as the customer and client journey is very important to Josh, so is the journey of his event staff. He wants the process to be easy and enjoyable for them too. “As my employees I want them to have the easiest and smoothest transition possible. I am aware that some of the ways we were doing it before were clunky”

Josh considers his employees, and how he would feel on their recruitment journey, how happy would he be. The quick and simple onboarding process was another Liveforce feature that won Josh over. With the time to move his staff over to Liveforce, getting them set up and ready to go as soon as the industry is #Unpaused, puts Kent Event Services in a strong market position.

Company Overview

Event operations and staff-based business, utilising students in the local area.


Event Staffing




HQ Canterbury, primarily operates in and around Kent Area, nationwide event services to festivals.


Unfortunately, coronavirus hit just as Kent Event Services engaged Liveforce. With no measurable impact at time of publishing, Josh has been using “downtime” to onboard his crew database.

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