Covid-19 Risk Assessment Template

Deliver Events Whilst Reducing The Risk Of Covid-19

Use This Template To Identify And Reduce Covid-19 Associated Risks At Your Next Event

Whilst official guidelines from health institutes may differ from country to country this FREE RISK ASSESSMENT TEMPLATE is designed to help event organisers across the globe. By structuring the process of identifying Covid-19 risks associated with an event, informed action can be taken to reduce that risk.

5 Reasons Why You Should Download Now:

  1. Developed in collaboration with event professionals in Norway who have already started delivering events in Covid-19 times
  2. Put your client’s minds at ease by using the template to outline how you plan to reduce risks
  3. Template pre-filled with anticipated examples that occur at all types of events
  4. Easily tailored for any type of event/campaign
  5. Easy to use

Download the guide

Template Overview

Pre-Filled With Examples

Contains examples from events that have already been delivered in Covid-19 times.

Visual Matrix Helping You Focus On What’s Most Important

Use the matrix to plot risk and analyse which areas require the most attention.

Step-By-Step Instructions

Download includes full instructions on how to fill in template and maximise value.

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