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Hospitality and catering Staff Scheduling for Events

Event scheduling and management needs are varied, particularly when it comes to hospitality and catering. Let Liveforce take some of the pressure off by automating your catering and hospitality staff scheduling.

How to use Liveforce for your Hospitality Staff Scheduling Needs

Staff rota and shift scheduling is a piece of cake with our at-a-glance boards. Create roles and jobs across as many days or hours as you need. Easily find catering and hospitality staff needed to fill the roles from your database or advertise on the job board.

Staff rota

Do they have their food hygiene certificates? Are they trained in flair bartending, or silver service? Have they had social distancing, PPE and safety training. Use our fully customisable skills and attributes feature to get the right person for the job. Your staff can upload their qualifications and certificates straight to the app.

Did your Catering and Hopsitality Staff Arrive on Time?

Our geolocation allows event staff to check-in when they are within 500m of the event. Liveforce will automatically prompt your staff to check-in, you will see this in real-time on your Liveforce Admin platform.

Crew Check In

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