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Staff Scheduling for charities and Volunteers

Let us help you, help others. When you’re working in the charity sector every minute and penny counts. You need to know your events are on budget and getting your message across. You don’t need to be worrying about staff scheduling

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How to use Liveforce for your Charity Event Staff Scheduling Needs

Easily schedule Your temps and Volunteers

Your events are staffed mainly by volunteers, these amazing people want to help raise awareness, not get bogged down in shift management. Use Liveforce to schedule your volunteers, temporary staff or freelancers so you can concentrate on your campaign.


Reputation is Everything

Use our feedback and internal notes features to keep track of which volunteers go above and beyond, which temps are super reliable, or which events profs are going that extra mile. It's always great to get feedback, but its also an important part of the recruitment and staff management process.

Do your Volunteers have the training they need?

Use our skills and requirements features to ensure you assign the right volunteers to the right event. Need your staff to be fully trained in social distancing, PPE, health and safety measures? Liveforce can help keep track of who has completed training. Your temps, staff, and volunteers can even upload their qualifications and certificates directly to the app.


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