Sports Events

Staff Scheduling for Sports Events

Event scheduling and management needs are varied and not one size fits all. Find out how to get the most out of Liveforce for your Sports Event. 

Sports staff scheduling

How to use Liveforce for your Sports Event Scheduling Needs

What Staff does your Sports Event need?

Sports events require serious scheduling and management skills. Do you need security staff? St John's Ambulance on standby? Covid marshall for social distance safety? Brand Ambassadors? Hospitality? No matter the size and duration of your sports event, Liveforce has your staff scheduling and management covered

Single Crew Login
Easy communications

Fast and effective on the day communication

With lots of different types of staff spread across a large area and over many days, you need to get important information to them quickly and know that they have seen your messages. Liveforce has a dedicated messaging system to effectively stay on top of on the day communication

Did your Event Staff Arrive on Time?

Our geolocation allows event staff to check-in when they are within x distance of the event. Liveforce will automatically prompt your staff to check-in, you will see this in real-time on your Liveforce Admin platform.

Crew Check In

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