Everyone kept in-the-loop with fully integrated comms

Push notifications

Push notifications

All messages are sent as a push notification straight to the Crew App. If they happen to miss a notification then it will be sent as an email.


Create a chat from any job, or easily send to specific groups, removing the need to manually create a chat in a third-party app. Plus it’s much cheaper than SMS! 

Easily create chats

Just like the most popular messaging apps you can track the delivery and read status of all your messages.

Received and read stats

Add photos and files to your chat to help pass information across to your team.

Attach files
Easily create chats

Looking to move from another platform?

No problem. We’ve got a clever importer to help move over as much data as possible. Or just contact us and we’ll be happy to assist in anyway we can.

Targeted notifications

Targeted notifications

Quickly create a one-way push notification to your entire workforce, or a group within it. Attach photos and files for more in-depth information.

Real-time status

Automated push notification reminding crew to confirm their attendance the day before the job.

Attendance confirmation

Geofencing technology means crew can only check-in once they’re on-site.

GPS check in

Real-time data giving you a clear status of each crew member across all you jobs from a single page.

Status page
Attendance confirmation

Additional features

Crew list exports

Easily export crew lists to share with third-party partners for site access or registration details.

Manage projects on-the-go

Our admin platform has been designed to work well across different devices including mobile so you’re not tied to your desk.

Primary contact notifications

Automated SMS messages are sent to the project primary contact if a crew member doesn’t confirm their attendance or check-in.

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