Crew Management

Total control over job, shift and freelancer information, yet with powerful, flexible workflow automation and time-saving messaging.

Advertise jobs to your own database

Push your latest jobs to your best people – the people on your database. They’ll get notifications on their app.

Advert management
Real-time updates

You need people fast. Freelancers need work. Liveforce updates in real-time, snappily.

You own the data

All your team details are in your own database. Your freelancers, their experience and skills aren’t available to your competitors. How much of an edge does that give you?

SMS and email notifications

Is everyone on the same page? SMS and email notifications involve everyone with an interest in the project.

Automated processes

Your time is valuable. Your clients demanding. Your freelancers expect a stream of quality openings. Liveforce does your stuff for you, automatically. So you’re always on top of your workload.

See status of all projects in one place

View all applicants in one place. Crew can’t double-book themselves.

Book the best people for the job

Liveforce gathers applicants’ details and ratings for easy selection. They’re all on one screen. You’re always on the ball.

Profiles and ratings

Automated application process saves you time

Scan down your screen and select who you want to work on each shift. Then leave it to Liveforce to send bookings and confirmations. Job done!

Shift manager