Reduce your time spent scheduling

Liveforce automates much of your workflow, helping you create complex schedules and shift plans fast. Reuse and edit templates for the widest range of events.

Manage all your crew schedules in one place

Hop over to your Projects screen, where you can manage schedules across multiple projects in one place.

Project Overview

Create schedules for your temporary staff quickly and easily

The project editor has an intuitive design and feature-set that follows a typical online calendar layout. This means it is super easy to use and works well for a range of project types, from straightforward one-day events at one location, through to complex sampling campaigns across entire countries.

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Use Liveforce to create shift plans for all types of scenarios...

Retail demo in stores

300 stores in 8 different cities. Varying shift lengths depending on which store and the day. 2400 shifts to fill!

Sampling campaign

A team of 5 brand ambassadors at various locations throughout the country. Specific look and personality required. Less than a week to confirm all crew.


Multiple dates throughout the summer. Same crew required on each event. Pre-agreed day rates and expenses.

Live event

25 different job types. Varying skills required. Split shifts over a 3 day event.

A shift type for every occasion!

As well as single shifts, Liveforce lets you create other shift types. ‘Multi-day’ shifts are for when you need the same staff across multiple days. An ‘all-day’ shift is for when you need staff but do not have a specific start/end time, for example, a project leader or photographer. You can also create multiple shifts on the same day.

Shit types

Concurrent users

Got a complex schedule with different admin users controlling different areas? No problem! Multiple admins can now work in a schedule at the same time. They can also see who is working on what item.

Concurrent users

Easily edit projects

We have a range of intuitive tools that give you complete control over creating and editing schedules very quickly. These include the ability to drag-and-drop an item,  copy-and-paste a single shift or an entire set of locations, and edit multiple items at the same time. If you make a mistake just hit the undo or redo buttons!

Edit multiple shifts

Get a grip on finances

Control your budget by seeing what’s being spent on an entire project, or drill down to a specific shift  – with real-time updates. Clients’ tight budgets will never catch you out when you’re using Liveforce.

Promotional staff budget control