Event staff booking

Hire the right temporary staff on each job by matching skills, attributes and star ratings.

View the best matches

View available crew

Once you’ve created a job you’ll be able to view available candidates with the right requirements.

View available crew

View all the candidates who have applied via the job ad in one list.

View applicants

Quickly send invites or book candidates straight onto a job with a push notification.

Invite and book crew

Order and filter candidates by distance, rating, and requirements.

Order and filter results

View and manage cancellations in one list.

See cancellations

Candidate profiles

Get a good understanding about each potential candidate by exploring their profiles.

View crew bio and photos

Ratings from previous jobs help give each person a star rating out of 5.

See crew ratings

View each candidates upcoming jobs and availability.

View upcoming jobs

View a log of previous jobs worked, including internal feedback and ratings, and a record of any cancellations or other situations.

Work history and feedback

See what requirements are missing and their experience in each role.

Skills and attributes
View crew bio and photos
Branded shortlists

Create branded shortlists

Shortlist your favourite candidates and share a branded page clients and colleagues.

Job promotion

Publish a job onto the job board for your workforce to browse and apply.

Job board

Share a public facing job page across your own website and social channels.


Create targeted push notifications straight from within each job.

Push notifications
Job board
Manage cancellations

Manage last-minute replacements

Get SMS notifications about cancellations and quickly find replacements.

Additional features

No double bookings

Liveforce makes sure someone can’t be booked on two jobs at the same time.

Manage 'did not shows'

It’s easy to remove or change crew that do not show up. This will be automatically recorded in their work history.

Edit and change past shifts

Things change and you may need to update details on past shifts. Make a change or add more crew.

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