Staff Timesheet and Expenses

Easy management of your salary approval process .

Approval workflow

View the status of every salary and expense claim on one-page. Click into a claim to view further details and make adjustments.

Salary and expense approvals

Timesheets are automatically approved if neither side make an adjustment.

Auto approved timesheets

Make adjustments to job hours, add net or gross deductions or give them a bonus for a job well done!

Create adjustments

Crew upload photos of each receipt in the Crew App and submit for your approval.


Communicate directly in the platform and quickly settle disputes.

Dispute resolution
Auto approved timesheets
Crew earnings tracking

Crew payment tracking

Crew can track the status of a payment or leave a comment in the Crew App. They can also see their projected future earnings from confirmed jobs.

Payment reporting

Generate multiple payment reports for any period and easily select which items you'd like to pay. Reports contain all the info you need to pay crew in your preferred payroll or accounting system.

Payment reports
Ratings and feedback

Leave ratings and feedback

After each job rate that crew's performance and leave internal feedback.

Additional features

Employment status

Liveforce allows you to have a mixture crew who are payroll, self-employed, or set up as a limit company in the same database.

Post-approval adjustments

It’s easy to add adjustments to payments that have already been approved.

Unbooked roles

Easily view roles that were left unbooked to add last minute replacements or remove.

Log situations

Log various situations, eg. late or inappropriate behaviour, with each crew review.

Payment info missing

Quickly send notifications to crew with incomplete payment information.

Primary contact approvals

Send notifications to primary contacts to remind them to approve their jobs.

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