Event Staff recruitment

Recruit and onboard compliant temps into your staff database.

Quickly build your database

Import existing data

Import your existing on-demand workforce into the platform to quickly build your database.

Import existing data

Invite individuals to join your workforce and grow your database.

Invite individual crew

Share links to your branded registration page across your own website and social channels.

Share link to registration page

Customised application process

Customise the information you collect in the registration process to get the details you need.

Customise registration data
Recruit event staff into your database

Track status of new applicants

Track the status of new applicants to see what stage they are at and view their application profiles to make sure you accept the best candidates.

Mix-and-match employment status

Liveforce allows you to have a mixture of crew who are payroll, self-employed, or set up as a limit company in the same database.

Employment statuses

Additional features

Country specific application process

Each country has their individual requirements for new employees and freelancers. Just select your country in the admin settings to get the appropirate information.

Waiting list status

Too many good applicants? Not a problem. Just add them to your waiting list and activate them when you’re ready. You can still send them notifications while they’re waiting for the phone to ring!

Database spring clean

Easily see inactive crew and quickly remove them to keep your database fresh and clean!

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