No chasing for you. Faster payment for the crew. You can pass on costs to your clients faster. What’s not to like?

Reduce time spent on timesheets and expenses

Save hours by letting automated processes do the heavy lifting. They’re totally safe and secure.

Easily see status of all timesheets

On your dashboard. Colour-coded, according to event manager.

Automated notifications

You and your crews get automated prompts to complete, submit and process timesheets. With the Liveforce app on their phone, your crew can even submit their timesheets on the way home from their gig.

Easily compare to original costings

Let’s face it. We can all do without nasty shocks. As timesheets come in, you can compare them with your original costings.

Keep a track and export reports

Liveforce has a way with data. For minute by minute management, there’s nothing better than Liveforce’s real-time dashboard. But you can export reports, too.