Workforce Management

Bring visibility to every aspect of your event staff relationships.

Rich crew profiles

Bio and photos

Read a short bio and look at photos to get a better understanding of each candidate.

Bio and photos

Use our 5 star rating system to help select the best candidates.

Crew ratings

Quickly find relevant crew based on the skills and attributes required for each job.

Skills and attributes

See what jobs each person is working on and when they are unavailable.

Upcoming jobs

Quickly view the experience each contact has on a specific role.


Organise your workforce with tags

Tags are labels you create to help organise your workforce. Think of them as customisable labels you can create and assign to contacts as needed.

Use tags to label crew
Collect customised info

Customise the information you collect

Get the information you need by creating customised data fields, adding your own skills and roles, and selecting the attributes that need to be completed when building their profiles.

Track internal feedback and notes

Leave internal feedback after each job alongside a rating. This can include a record of various situations like warnings, late arrivals and inappropriate behaviour.

Internal feedback and notes

Make the platform your own

Customisable roles and skills

Liveforce comes with a pre-defined set of skills and roles, but you can create additional skills and roles to suit your needs.

Customisable roles and skills

Simply set your timezone and currency to make Liveforce work best in different countries.

Set your currency and timezone

Add customised fields for candidates to complete when registering to join your on-demand workforce.

Customise registration data

Control the branding on a range of pages including the registration and shortlist pages.

Branded pages

Additional features

Send notifications

Send notifications to keep your entire workforce, or groups within it, up-to-date with news from your company.

Share crew profiles

Quickly share crew profiles with clients and colleagues.

Country employment requirements

Liveforce is setup to work with different countries legal requirements when hiring crew.

Give access to colleagues

Create multiple admins and control the permissions each person has within the platform.

Create and share shortlists

Use data like tags, skills and ratings to create shortlists. Then share with your clients and colleagues.

Manage projects on-the-go

Our admin platform has been designed to work well across different devices including mobile so you’re not tied to your desk.

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