How Liveforce Works

Take the stress out of sourcing and organising your temporary staff, freelancers and crew. We’ve automated the scheduling processes to save you time, resources and money – freeing you up to spend more time providing value for your clients and events.

Walk through example

Joe the event manager

Here’s Joe. He’s an event manager.

In Liveforce, he quickly creates crew plans. He loves how easy it is to use the powerful promotional staffing software project editor to create complex schedules.

Event staffing software schedule creation
Eden the freelancer

Here’s Eden. She’s a temporary staff member.

Her dedicated Liveforce crew app notifies her about potential new jobs. She applies right away. Awesome!

Crew app shift details

Just a few hours later, Joe reviews all the promotional staff who’ve applied. He can see their skills and ratings. Right away, he knows who’s best for the job.

Shift manager

Eden quickly sees her confirmed bookings on her dashboard. She can apply for other jobs, too.

Crew app calendar dashboard

From Joe’s dashboard, he gets an overview in real-time. So he knows about all his projects and shifts, and easily prioritises his time and effort.

Admin platform shift dashboard

On the way home, Eden submits her timesheet and expenses for approval all within her app.

Crew app timesheet

Joe quickly reviews Eden’s timesheet before confirming final payment, and ensuring wages are correct and processed on time.

Admin platform timesheet review

Eden can track the status of her timesheets and see her expected earnings for each month.

Crew app earnings page

Promotional staffing software that helps you manage crews across all types of events

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Retail and merchandising
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Conferences and exhibitions
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Concerts and festivals
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Live activation
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