Liveforce for Agencies

Make your agency limitless. Turn your on-demand workforce into a scaleable operation with an all-in-one platform. Manage clients, build custom teams and maintain healthy margins.


Ready to get a deeper dive into Liveforce?

We’ll show you how you can manage the entire on-demand workforce lifecycle from start to finish.

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Why Liveforce?

Liveforce started inside an agency, so we understand your pain points. We can help improve your reputation and meet clients’ goals, no matter their industry or scale.


Complete scalability

Create schedules across multiple projects and manage crew for one-off jobs with a couple of people, or month long projects with 100s


Simplify your day-to-day

Let Liveforce do the heavy lifting. With automated processes and real-time notifications you can focus on what’s important.

Manage multiple on-demand workforce projects

Manage multiple projects

Have control and oversight of multiple projects from one dashboard. Drill down to view all your jobs on a single screen.

Protect margins

Protect your margins

An evolving suite of tools and functionality increases efficiency, even when client demands change.


Customise to fit

No two agencies work the same way, that’s why we built Liveforce to be flexible to fit around how you work.

Crew App

Dedicated Crew App

Put your crew in control with our dedicated Crew App. They manage their profiles and let you know when they’re unavailable.

How does Liveforce work?

Build your workforce

Import your existing on-demand workforce, invite new contacts or promote on your own channels.

Recruit your on-demand workforce

Flexible staff scheduling

Our scheduling boards are a super flexible way of scheduling your different projects and fit around how you work.

On-demand workforce scheduling

Book the best people

See who has applied and confirm the crew that fit the role best. Easily see who matches the job requirements in your database and instantly book them. Invite those you know would be perfect for the job with a push notification.

Hire on-demand workers

Manage your workforce

Keep track of each contact through their profiles including work history, feedback and ratings.

On-demand workforce management

Integrated communications

Keep everyone up-to-date with the latest info via push, email and SMS.

Chat with your on-demand workforce

Track salaries and expenses

Approve timesheets and expenses, deal with disputes easily and generate payment reports.

Pay your on-demand workforce
JCP Events
“By replacing spreadsheets and irrelevant CRM tools with Liveforce our event planners have been able to save vast amounts of time”
Lars Grorud, Managing Director at JCP Event

What can I manage in Liveforce?

If you’re looking to recruit and manage an on-demand workforce then Liveforce fits the bill.

Promotional staffing software

Enjoy end-to-end promotional staffing management with Liveforce. From hiring to payday, we’ve got you covered.

Event staffing software

End-to-end event staff management across multiple projects and locations.

Catering staffing software

Taking the complexity out of catering staff scheduling by automating with Liveforce.

Festival staffing software

Manage crew, temp staff and volunteers from festival start to finish for any size.

TV and film crew scheduling software

Easily manage crew across multiple locations and dates. Streamlining the whole recruitment and payment workflow.

Volunteer staffing software

Streamlining volunteer management for any event or occasion.


Yes. We have a neat little importer tool that allows you to get started as quickly as possible. If something more intricate is required then we’re on hand to help.

Yes. We’re happy to organise training sessions to get your team on-boarded as quickly as possible.

Yes. We have a mobile App for your crew to access information. It is available for Apple and Android devices.

Yes you can communicate with your crew using SMS.

No we currently don’t integrate with payroll software. But all our payroll exports (CSV format) can be imported into the vast majority of payroll tools.

Yes. The admin platform is responsive and works well across devices of different sizes. The Crew App is a native mobile app.

Yes. Your crew can be a mixture of payroll, self-employed and companies.

You can currently brand certain pages within the platform with you logo, client logo and colours. We plan to add more customisation opportunities over time.

Ready to get a deeper dive into Liveforce?

We’ll show you how you can manage the entire on-demand workforce lifecycle from start to finish.

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JCP Events
JCP Events

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