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Example of jobs available on Liveforce

The breadth and depth of the job types are constantly expanding. Here are a few examples of the jobs currently available within the platform…

Festival staffing software

Festival staff

Promotional staffing software

Brand ambassador

Project manager

Event staffing software

Event staff

Field marketing

Field marketing

Dedicated freelancer App

Your personal calendar

Keep track of all your upcoming and passed jobs in one-place.

Job calendar

Job details in one-place

View all the details about a job in one-place, quickly get directions and travel times, and upload expenses.

Job details

Browse the job board

Browse jobs based on your experience, skillset, availability and distance. Apply for multiple jobs in a matter of seconds.

Jobs board

Message centre

Communicate with your client through our integrated chat tool. Chat with the rest of the team, share files and never miss important information.

Message centre

Track your timesheets and expenses

Keep track of all your payments and look at projected earnings for upcoming jobs you’ve been confirmed on.

View earnings

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Each client is responsible for approving and making your payments. You can track the progress of each payment within the Crew App.

Once you’ve been accepted into a businesses workforce then you’ll be able to browse the job board and apply for jobs. Or they may send you direct invites to specific jobs.

You’ll find links to the registration page from our client website or social channels.

All notifications to crew are done primarily through push notifications. If, for whatever reason, you don’t see the push notification an email is sent instead. However, SMS is occasionally used for critical admin notifications.

You can quickly set when you’re unavailable to work from your My Calendar page. Keep this up-to-date to get the best jobs and ratings.

Yes. You can access the crew App through any web browser by visiting app.liveforce.co.