Our Top 5 from Event Tech Live 2019

Another great year for all things event and tech at The Old Truman Brewery last week! We were honoured to be shortlisted in the category of Best Workforce Management Technology at the Event Technology Awards this year. Its always an inspiration to be surrounded by the best in digital and technological solutions – which brings us to the first of our Top 5 from Event Tech Live.

LineUp Ninja

LineUp Ninja is web-based software that helps event planners save time and avoid mistakes when collating, scheduling and publishing their events’ content. By bringing the submissions and scheduling tools together into an integrated product, they can help planners automate much of the tedious admin involved. This helps them to achieve new levels of efficiency, giving them a competitive advantage and freeing them up to concentrate on the creative aspects of curating attendees’ experience.

LineUp Ninja

Best Technology Start-up Winners

“We’re really proud to have taken home the Event Tech Award for Best Technology Startup. It’s a real validation of all the work we’ve done with clients to solve their problems and develop a product that offers real value to the events industry. But I have to say we were really surprised to win, because we were up against some really strong startups, many of whom are also offering really innovative products. So to come out on top in such a strong field is particularly gratifying.” Joe Atkinson

LineUp Ninja win Best start-up
Best Technology Start-up winners #ETL2019

Duel Box

Duelbox is a cloud-based web platform to create amazing contests. They have created a fun interactive platform to act as ice-breakers, team-building exercises, or just for fun! Duelbox can make an awesome contest about any given theme or topic. “The theme can be almost anything: general knowledge (arts, science, history) or thematic topics (Bible, movies, brand-related, etc.). And we have the tools for you to make it awesome! Every event has different needs, therefore Duelbox offers you numerous activities to serve each one of them. We constantly expand the supply of activities. We’ve got everything for a full-fledged game show, just like those on television. We’ve got a topic-difficulty selector activity called Matrix, and a Buzzer, with which you can make top-notch game shows at your event. ”

Duel Box Ice breaking games

Venue View

3D Virtual Tours

Venue View creates impressive 3d virtual tours. Visitors can explore venues on any device in stunning HD with an interactive 3D virtual tour. Video View use 360 photography to capture your key rooms to allow customers to see how venues meet their requirements. This can save time and money in travel and research! “The next generation of 3D virtual tours go far beyond those provided by early Google Street View photographers – show potential customers want they want to see instantly with multi-room view from Venue View.” They also create stunning 3d models with 3D Dollhouse Model, utilise VR, create digital floorplans, and more!


Noonah connects brands and people through photography. They develop incredible photographic technology for events, experiences and entertainment. From the 360X to Live Event Printing, their software encourages consumers and guests to interact with brands and share branded content on social media, creating an online buzz. They also give consumers the opportunity to take away branded photos or merchandise as a keepsake from events, building brand relationships.

“We have recently launched our Live Event Printing which lets consumers make their mark on your products or merchandise. We launched our Virtual Selfies at Event Tech Live 2019, immersing consumers in an augmented experience as they choose celebs or characters to snap a selfie with.” Fiona Bermingham, marketing Coordinator

The Barista Smart Serve

SmartServe is an event lead capture tool that starts with a free coffee! The digital ordering platform captures visitors’ data, enhances visitors’ experience and is a great way to ask questions and gather GDPR-compliant data. “SmartServe is a way of tapping into experiential marketing at your event to learn about your customers and prospects. Your visitors receive the coffee of their choice and, in return, you gather insights and actionable data. The ability to keep a record of your visitors and ask them specific questions at the point of order is what sets SmartServe apart from other tools. The service enables you to build a picture of your target audience, their needs and how they relate to your brand.”

Smart Serve data capture
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