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Streamlining volunteer management for any event or occasion.

Perfect for volunteer hiring, scheduling, pay and more

Volunteers generally are not casual temp workers which means that they will work from time-to-time but should still be considered a valuable part of the team. This is where it gets tricky with trying to keep contact information up-to-date and providing job alerts – messages can and will missed. With Liveforce, everyone on your crew list is kept up to date with job alerts and general information via in-app push notifications and email so rest assured – no volunteer will be missed out.

Unlimited crew, jobs and scheduling boards that can all be managed anywhere, anytime
Job board with promotion and applicant management
Native mobile app for volunteer staff to use when on a job or managing their profile
Easy and centralised management of timesheets and expenses

Why Liveforce works for volunteer staffing


Complete scalability

Create schedules across multiple projects and manage crew for one-off jobs with a couple of people, or month long projects with 100s

Multiple Boards

Unlimited staff, jobs and boards

Never worry about choosing between setting up jobs, boards or the number of promotional staff you have.


Productivity and automation

Let Liveforce do the heavy lifting. With automated processes and real-time notifications you can focus on what’s important.

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Book volunteer staff, easily

Once you’ve created a job you’ll be able to view available candidates with the right requirements.

Crew App

Native mobile app

Volunteer staff can access the Liveforce mobile app to manage their profiles, apply for jobs and much more.

Manage multiple on-demand workforce projects

Manage multiple projects

Have control and oversight of multiple projects from one dashboard. Drill down to view all your jobs on a single screen.

The complete volunteer staffing software toolkit

Build your volunteer staffing database

  • Invite your existing contacts
  • Recruit from your own channels
  • Branded registration page
  • Track and manage new applicants
Recruit your on-demand workforce

Super flexible scheduling built to fit around how you work

  • Create multiple ‘Boards’ to schedule different projects and jobs
  • Calendar layout keeps this simple
  • Quickly see fulfilment status of all your jobs
  • Set up advanced job requirements
  • Keep an eye on financials
On-demand workforce scheduling

Hire the best people for the job

  • Fill jobs with the best matches in minutes
  • View crew profiles and availability
  • Quickly invite or book crew
  • Share jobs applications across your own channels
  • Send targeted push notifications
  • Easily manage last-minute replacements and changes
Hire on-demand workers

All your data in one-place

  • Rich crew profiles with star ratings and work history
  • Filter crew by skills and attributes
  • Use tags to organise your workforce
  • Track internal feedback and notes
  • Customise the platform to fit your needs
On-demand workforce management

Fully integrated communications

  • Quickly and easily create multiple chats
  • Send notifications to your workforce
  • Track crew attendance confirmation and check-in status
  • Share files and relevant information
  • Export crew lists to share with partners
Chat with your on-demand workforce

Manage timesheet and expenses process

  • Auto approved to save you time
  • Simple dispute resolution process
  • Easy to make changes after the job has finished
  • See payment status for every shift
  • Flexible and powerful payment reporting tool
  • Employed, self-employed or set up as a company — it doesn’t matter to us!
Pay your on-demand workforce

Dedicated mobile App for your volunteer staff workforce

  • Calendar of upcoming and past jobs
  • Browse the job board
  • Upload photos of expense receipts
  • View past and future earnings
  • Push notifications
  • GPS check-in

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Dedicated Crew App
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JCP Events

JCP is one of Scandinavia’s largest communications agencies with more than 130 people in 3 countries.

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