New Project Editor released


Since the release of Liveforce earlier this year, we’ve been constantly gathering user feedback. Out of this process, we have rebuilt our Project Editor tool with the aim of providing our users with more flexibility and ease-of-use when creating their temporary staff schedules. We’ve listed some of its new features below.
If you’d like to see our new Project Editor in action please contact us to organise a demo.

Creating temporary staff schedules has never been so easy!

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Key features

Concurrent users

Concurrent admins
Multiple admins can now create and edit a schedule at the same time. This is great for complex campaigns across multiple locations with different team leaders in control.

Simplified calendar view

Complex temporary staff schedules are easy to see
The new calendar design allows users to quickly add new shifts to any date and get a better view of your project. Creating schedules for your temporary staff has never been easier. Complex schedules can be created within minutes letting you focus your time on other tasks.

Group locations into Sets

Group Locations into Sets
Users can now group multiple locations into Sets to help organise your event.

Edit multiple items

Edit multiple Shifts across your temporary staff schedule easily
Select multiple items and update at the same time!

Save Draft schedules before Publishing

Create drafts Schedules
Adjust the staffing schedule as much as you like, and save as a draft before publishing. Helping you test out scenarios and get complex schedules to work how you want. If you don’t like it you can easily revert back to the previous version.

Undo/Redo last actions

Undo/Redo feature
Made a mistake! Don’t worry! Just hit the Undo or Redo button to revert back.

New Projects page design

Projects overview
Cleaner more compact design lets you see the recruitment status of all your projects and see where new staff have applied. This information helps to focus your time in the right places.

We’ve got a bunch more features rolling out over the coming months.