Since launching our promotional staffing software in the UK earlier this year it’s been a fast-paced journey so far for Liveforce.  We’re really happy with the number of agencies that have already made the move to us helping them to ensure smooth and easy management of their promotional staffing database and business.
After much review and discussion with our customers, we wanted to ensure that the entire platform was up to scratch, even if we didn’t yet have the perfect platform – we wanted to know exactly how we could do this.
Below is a list of the many reasons (but not all) why Liveforce is taking over the promotional staffing software arena.

Workforce Management – Promotional Staffing Software

Knowing who you’ve got in your database, how active they are, where they are located and tagging them in some way was one of the things we quickly learnt agencies wanted better control of.
Our revised workforce management module amongst other things will now allow you to:


Recruitment – Applicant Tracking System

Some promo staff come and go. Some stick around. Clients need change. We felt your pain.
The hunt for new talent is an ongoing and seemingly never-ending process. We decided to make recruitment just that little bit easier by:



> New applicant

> Telephone interview

> Internal workshop

> Invited

> Active



Scheduling on Fire – Employee Scheduling Software

When you’ve got multiple campaigns running and a lot of roles to fill you don’t want to waste time clicking between various screens to see the status of jobs.
We are totally reworking our scheduling module and are excited to announce our board’s concept. You can expect:

Start filling the gaps in your schedule quickly with the ability to:


Geo Check-Ins

“I’m on my way”  – we’ve all heard the excuse as you realise some of your crew are late to their shift. Our native app will, amongst other things, only allow crew to check in once they are within X metres of the location.  

Live Status

You’re one person managing multiple people. You enjoy your weekends as well! You haven’t got time to be ringing hundreds of crew, following up on SMS or trawling your email to check they’ve confirmed they are still planning on showing up to work.
We’ve created a live status page which you can filter as you desire to show you exactly the information you want.


Integrated Communications

It’s often amazing how much info that needs to be communicated about a job and the number of questions you receive, often the same more than once.
Using email and setting up additional Whatsapp groups to manage this works, but we knew it would be better if everything was in one place.
Our communications module will look to reduce your need to repeat yourself multiple times and maybe even reduce your phone bill.


Crew App – Designed Around their Needs

After talking to hundreds of crew, analysing surveys and listening intently at focus groups we’ve tweaked the dedicated crew app to make their lives a whole lot easier


GDPR Compliant

How 4 small letters could cause so much headache is beyond us. However, we’ve done our homework, met with employment lawyers and GDPR consultants. So be rest assured we’ll continue to follow the regulations ensuring you are too.


It’s that time of the month….payday!

For the crew, it’s possibly the best day of the month. For those running the payroll a headache beyond anything else.
We don’t claim to have made this process fun, but hopefully a lot easier…


Platform Settings – Make it your Own!

You may be using Liveforce but you want to make it feel like it’s your own. We get you. The platform settings will give you a whole heap of options if you want to customise the platform:
Here are just a few to get started…



Getting all the crew to the location on time is only half of the job. What they do once they’re there is often the difference between a happy client or angry one.
As all crew are only human – our tasks feature will help guide them on their way to brilliance.
As an admin you can:


Build Loyalty and Enhance Culture

Your crew work hard, they’re the face of your agency and deserve a little love every now and again.
We know in a hectic workday it can be easy to forget that all-important SMS or gif post to their Facebook timeline on their birthday, or celebrating they´ve worked 100 shifts for you!
So we automated the process for you. It’s often the small things that count.

Tell Me More

By now I would imagine that you are thinking something along the lines of
1) Wow – where do I sign up?
2) This sounds “too good to be true”
3) The proof will be in the pudding.
Either way, I would love the opportunity to hear from you. I can show you the full clickable prototype and give you a breakdown of exactly when you can expect these features and more.
If you’ve got your own ideas for features to be added to our promotional staffing software then I would be only too happy to discuss.

Next steps?

Just drop me an email with a time that works for you and I’ll put the date in the diary.
Greg Lusk: [email protected]
Or you can always ring me direct on +44 (0) 207 193 5642 or schedule a demo.