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Are you a freelancer looking for jobs in the events industry?

Are you casual, flexible, freelance, promo, or temp staff looking for work?

If you answered YES, you are in the RIGHT PLACE, and from now on we will call you CREW.

What is Liveforce?

Liveforce is a piece of software that helps companies schedule and manage their casual, freelance or temp staff. We call the companies that use Liveforce AGENCIES and the people that work for them (like you) CREW.

Liveforce do not hire CREW and we do not give out details of the AGENCIES that use Liveforce. To use Liveforce you need to be invited by an agency using our platform or apply to an agency via their online platform.

Looking for tech support?

If you have any technical questions about your account, please chat with our support team by clicking the HELP button below.

Freelance, promo and temp Event Staff Recruitment

How do I register for event, casual, temp or promo work?

Thank you for your interest in Liveforce!

We are an online tool awesome companies use to schedule and manage their workforce. We’d love to have you on board, and there are currently two ways you can sign up to Liveforce.

To register you need to be either:

  1.  invited by an agency or company using our platform, or

  2. apply to an agency or company through their online application form

Unfortunately, we can’t share a list of companies that currently use Liveforce – sorry about that.

You could try a quick Google search like ‘What companies in my area use Liveforce?’ and then apply via the company websites.