Staff scheduling

Super Charge your Staff scheduling

Efficient, responsive and scaleable. No matter the size of campaign or project, let Liveforce do the heavy lifting. 

Staff scheduling for multiple campaigns

Key Features

Large scale event across multiple days, or even weeks? No problem. Our copy and paste feature allows you to quickly replicate jobs and build your board in minutes.  

Copy and Paste jobs

Easy management of large events or multi locations with our bulk editing feature. Have complete control over all projects from one dashboard.

Bulk edit your schedules

Use Groups or Sets to break up large campaigns into smaller manageable chunks. Simple, streamlined and at-a-glance, we designed the boards to adapt to you.

Group jobs to organise your schedule

Fixed fees, hourly rates, employed, self-employed, holiday pay – no matter how you pay your workforce Liveforce allows you to have full control over fee management.

Select multiple fee types

Relevant, prompt and informative. Utilise our easy to use email, chat and SMS features to keep your workforce up-to-date and in the loop.

Staff emails, sms and notifications
Copy and Paste jobs

"Takes your everyday work-life logistics to a new level!"

Kim, Manager

What makes our staff scheduling solution different

Not just a pretty face! we've got form aND function.

Don't you just love the satisfaction of looking at a fully staffed board? Our calendar layout is designed to give event planners the exact information they need, at a glance. Know which staff are on which event, or check how many shifts are on their rosta, adjust fees or timesheets and even swap shifts - easy peasy

Intuitive Design
Timesaving workflow

It's a match! Book the perfect candidate to your Campaign

Already have the perfect Brand ambassador in mind? Never worry about missing out on your dream team again, with Liveforce you can check their availability and book them straight to a job. No more double booking, clashing or spending hours on the phone.

Flexible schedules built to work around you

We don't believe in one size fits all. Liveforce was designed to work for you. Our fully flexible and customisable platform means you can manage your Liveforce the way you want to.

Flexible Set Up
Find the right event temp talent

Identify and Secure the right talent

A Spanish-speaking fire-juggling barista? No problem. No matter how specific your requirements, if you have them in your database, Liveforce will find them. Fully customisable Skills, Attributes and Tags mean you can find the perfect candidate quickly and easily schedule them to an event.

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Attract – Engage – Retain. Create your dream team with Liveforce.  

Timesheets & pay

Manage timesheets, approve expenses and review hours all in one place.

Staff Database

Accountable, Measurable and Secure.  Your data is our priority.

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