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Not just beautifully designed staffing software, Liveforce is packed full of time-saving automation and expertly developed scheduling software.  

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Attract, Engage, Retain. Create your dream team with Liveforce. From brand ambassadors to bar staff, our staffing software will help you find them, hire them and retain them.

With Liveforce you are in full control of scheduling shifts and rotas. Find the best temp staff, freelancer or event prof for each of the jobs, roles and shifts and schedule them easily.

Time is money, don’t waste it on workforce payroll. Edit hours, approve expenses, review timesheets and generate payment reports – all in one place.  

View all upcoming events on a single screen

"From the moment someone signs up with Kent Event Services or applies for a role, every single bit of admin, up until the point where I need to pay them, is managed through Liveforce. Everything!

J Heyburn, Business Manager

Kent Event Services

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Communication is the key to successful relationships. With Liveforce we’ve given you the ability to communicate with your workforce at every stage of the event staffing management process.

A dedicated app for your freelance, temporary and event staff. Intuitive and easy to use, your temporary workforce or event staff will stay informed and up to date with 24/7 access to Liveforce.

With you every step of the way, Liveforce has a structured onboarding process to get you started. We also provide on-line support for Admins and Crew. 

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Designed with you in mind, Liveforce delivers with style and personality

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It’s all about the team work. Your feedback combined with our experience is what has created a simple to use, yet extremely powerful, staff scheduling tool.

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We value our relationship with our clients and users. We don’t just see ourselves as SaaS, but as a partner helping you to get the very best from your business. 

Your success is important


Dedicated to your success, we’re here to support you and your business long term. From online support, to on-going training, to the most valuable industry content.

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Liveforce gives you everything you need to streamline your staffing management, workforce scheduling and communication all in one responsive platform.

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