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Successfully staging an event can sometimes feel like a miracle! Managing and scheduling event staff, temps and freelancers? That’s an art form.

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Where do you start and what's the best strategy?
Keeping track of different employees, with different start times, break times, different objectives, and responsibilities- it can all be a minefield.
Liveforce is an end-to-end event staffing platform built to streamline the management and scheduling of temporary, event and freelance staff. Efficient, responsive, mobile-friendly and scalable – Liveforce can handle any size campaign.

Why use event staff scheduling software?

Liveforce’s event staff scheduling and management tool allows for easier and more profitable event staffing. Our suite of features have been specifically designed for the events industry.


Good staff management is a skill, it takes a lot of practice and work. Event staff management is about creating a supportive, progressive and effective work environment as well as the day to day scheduling. By automating as much of the process as possible allows your business to concentrate on growing.

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Liveforce provide an online automated solution For All your event staffing needs

Having a well-functioning, effective team is instrumental in helping you run and grow your business. With Liveforce scheduling automation you can find available event, temp or freelance staff fast, swap shifts with one click, sign off timesheets, manage expenses and send to payroll. Users report that Liveforce’s scheduling and management tool helps them to work 80% faster!

Easily edit multiple items

Unlike other staffing software that can be adapted for events - this is what we were made for

Schedule tool fully GDPR compliant

Find the Right Staff

Send customisable invites to the temps, freelancers and event staff in your database. They can accept or decline in one easy step.

Book directly

Book directly

Already know the perfect event prof for the job? Liveforce allows you to book them directly to the job. Our automated system takes care of the admin

Easily switch crew

Easily Switch roles

It’s easy to move staff between roles and events with the switch crew function. No need to call around, your staff will be automatically notified.

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