Recruit and Manage

Build and Maintain a Kick-Ass Database

Use Liveforce to onboard, recruit and schedule your Temporary Workforce and Event Staff

Build your database

Invite crew

We’ve made the process as easy as falling off a bike. Send customised emails or links via the Recruit page, individually or in bulk.

Import Data

With Liveforce, no one gets left behind. Bring your temporary workforce with you by importing your entire database.

Customise Sign Up Pages

You’re in the driving seat with your Liveforce. Customise your sign up page with your branding and tone of voice. Share it on your social channels and website to attract the very best staff.

Manage new applicants

Flexible, At-a-Glance Organisation

tag and segment

All event temps are created equal, but some are more equal than others. Use Tags to highlight your A- Team, organise by regular clients, or to target certain groups in your database.


You want to know who is Active in your database and who isn’t, and you want to know at a glance. In your Workforce page you will find the status of your entire database in easy colour coded layout.

Multiple employment types

Don’t choose, have it all we say! We’ve built Liveforce to be as flexible as possible so you are able to have a mixture of Employed and Self-employed staff.

Easy to manage event staff database

Detailed and Functional staff profiles

Ratings and internal Notes

It’s important to keep on top of performance, to recognise when staff have done a great job or if there are areas to improve. We’ve made it easy to make internal notes on staff members, as well as a star rated system.

Skills and Attributes

You need a Japanese speaking, tight-rope walking, tattooed Brand Ambassador who can flair like no other? If they’re in your database Liveforce will find them. Our customisable Skills and Attributes feature helps you get the staff you need with zero phone calls. 

Work history and feedback

Reputation is everything. Access Crew Feedback and Work History from any page by selecting a Crew member. Handy for a quick glance at feedback left by your colleagues. 

View internal feedback on your temporary staff

On-the-day Status page

Confirm Attendance

Staff are alerted via their Crew App to confirm their attendance before a shift starts. They simply CONFIRM at the touch of a button, and their confirmed status will be updated on your Status page.

Check In

Optimising geotargeting with Google Maps, Crew can easily check-in when they are near the location of the job. After a prompt on their Crew App, their check-in status will be displayed on your Status page.

Quickly export data

Need to pull Crew data for event registration? Or need to provide your client or 3rd party with a contact list? We’ve made it easy to quickly export this data.

Track staff check in time and status

Everything you need to build a loyal workforce

Schedule tool fully GDPR compliant

GDPR compliant

Say goodbye to GDPR headaches. Our system is fully compliant and ready to revolutionise your workforce.

schedule solution fully UK Regs ready

UK Employment Regs

We’ve taken care of work time directive regs so you can get on with business.

Built in comms

Built In Comms

Don’t get lost in translation. Multiple ways to contact your Crew including emails and SMS.

End-to-End Event Staffing Software

All-In-One Event Staffing Solution

Seamlessly integrated into the overall solution with the rest of the platform

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