Timesheets & Pay

Getting every payment right

With Liveforce you are in full control. Edit hours, approve expenses, review timesheets and generate payment reports – all in one place. 

With Liveforce you are in full control. Edit hours, approve expenses, review timesheets and generate payment reports – all in one place. 

Easy timesheet management
Easy timesheet management

Key features to make payroll more efficient

Payroll software friendly

Fully customisable payment reports mean you can tweak them to fit your current payroll system. Start your weekend early, folks, because payroll is sorted.

Customisable payment reports
Manage invoicing for self-employed event staff

Automated Invoicing

Staff with a self-employed status are automatically notified about any new invoices that need to be submitted. They can upload an invoice or get the platform to generate one for them, within the Crew App for Admin to review.

Expense claims

Quick and easy expenses process. Staff can upload photos of their expense receipts and submit a claim within Crew App. Admin can easily view and approve or decline within the platform.

Expense claims via Crew App
Auto approvals

Auto timesheet approvals

Timesheets are automatically approved at the end of a shift. Admin can review and change at any time before sending to payroll.

Timesheet adjustments

Bulk adjustments

Easily adjust multiple timesheets on a job at the same time.

Check payment status

Track payment status

Staff can track the status of their salary and expenses in the Crew App, reducing inbound inquiries about payment.

Liveforce has revolutionised the way we book, manage and pay our freelancers. It saves us countless hours and finally ensures our freelancers are paid the correct amount every time.
Staffing Manager at JCP Nordic

What makes our timesheet & payment solution different

Cool, calm and in control. The Liveforce effect

Our three-step Pay section gives a clear overview of staff payments at each stage. Admins can make adjustments, discuss a query and view an audit trail on a single screen. ​

A cat chilling with a mobile phone
Robot making job easy

No more faff with our streamlined Process

We like to keep things neat and tidy, which is why we put everything pay related in one place. Want to give staff a bonus for a good job? Or a fine for not showing up? Or a 5-star review? It's all in the Pay section.

Real-Time Crew Updates

Show your staff the money! Your workforce will love how they can easily keep up with their timesheets, expenses and earnings within the Crew App.

Real-time updates

More ways to use Liveforce


Manage timesheets, approve expenses and review hours all in one place at the touch of a button.

Staff scheduling

Efficient, responsive and scaleable, no matter the campaign size, let Liveforce do the heavy lifting. 

Staff Database

We know your workforce is the heart of your business, which is why data is our priority.

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