Timesheets & Payments

Stress-free payroll and timesheet management

Time is money, don’t waste it on workforce payroll. Edit hours, approve expenses, review timesheets and generate payment reports – all in one place.  

Easily manage fee and expense approvals

Auto approved timesheets

Timesheets are automatically approved at the end of a shift.  Admin can review and change at any time before sending to payroll.

Make adjustments

You’re in control of any changes or adjustments that need to be made. A disputed timesheet or the wrong expenses are no issue; we’ve put Admins in the driving seat. 

Dispute resolution

Quick resolution with audit trails and in-app communication with your Crew make disputes easy to resolve.

Taking the pain out of payroll

Cash Payment Bills

Payroll software friendly

Let ‘Pay Day’ be your favourite day again. Fully customisable payment reports mean that Liveforce is compatible with your payroll system. 

Payment report customisation

Design it how you want it. Employed, Self- Employed, Expense, and New Starter Reports are under your complete control. 

Calendar Refresh

Overlapping dates and segmentation

Run multiple payment reports across the same date range and segment them down to a particular project or manager.

Give staff all the information they need

Review and adjust timesheets

Review staff check-in/out time and notes for any changes. Admin can easily change hours and fees for staff review or override for quick payment.  

Submit expense claims

Our easy step-by-step process is foolproof. The staffer takes a photograph of their receipt, upload it to the app, and it will sync with your Approvals page for you to review. 

Keep track of their earnings

Everything is safely stored in our database, so you only need to look in one place. Use filters to view a specific Crew member’s earnings and expenses within any date range. 

Liveforce makes payroll a lot more streamlined, and a lot easier.
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Event Staff Timesheets and Pay

Time and pay

Automated timesheet approvals and simple expense reviews help you to use your time effectively.​

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