Save time and effort with automated invoicing

Allow your finance team and temp staff to manage the invoicing process within the Liveforce platform.

Automated invoice notifications

Invoice email notification

Self-employed staff are automatically emailed when a payment report is generated containing all the details required to ensure their invoice is correct.

Upload within Crew App

Staff can view all the details of what shifts should appear on their invoice and upload it directly from within their Crew App account.

Auto generated invoice

For staff that may not know how to create an invoice or want to make their lives easier, Liveforce can generate an invoice.

Review and approve invoices in one place

Auto approval

Any invoice that Liveforce has generated is automatically approved because we know it matches what has already been signed off.

Side-by-side review

View submitted invoices against the shift details of what should be on the invoice side-by-side on one view—making it easier to review and approve.

Batch download

Once everything has been reviewed, easily download all the invoices together, ready for your accountancy tool.

Track rejections

Reject incorrect invoices and message staff all within a single invoicing workflow.

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Get started in your 14-day free trial today

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