Terms and Policies

General Terms​

This agreement applies to your Liveforce subscriptions if you have one. If you’re a Liveforce customer or are thinking about becoming one, you’ll want to review this agreement.

Event and Temp Crew Agreement

These Liveforce Terms of Use apply to Crew access to and use of the Liveforce Platform, the Crew App or our Services, our websites, as well as any other apps, widgets, and other online products and services.

Website Terms of Use

If you use our website (liveforce.co, which is, in fact, the site you’re reading this on at this very moment), then this document is for you. Among other things, it talks about what constitutes a legitimate use of our website.

Privacy Policy

This is everybody’s favourite. If you’ve ever filled out a form on our site, signed up for a trial, or subscribed to our email, you know we’ve got at least a little bit of data on hand about you. And if you’re a Liveforce customer or worker, it also covers how we handle your data. Our Privacy Policy talks about what we do with all third-party data, but even more importantly, what we won’t.

Cookie Policy

Unfortunately not info about the yummy types of cookies! This doc gives information about what cookies we use on this website and across the entire platform.

Data Protection Addendum

This Data Protection Addendum to Liveforce General Terms between the Customer sets out the Parties respective obligations regarding the Processing of Personal Data.

Security Policy

At Liveforce we take the protection of customer data extremely seriously. This Liveforce Security Policy describes the organisational and technical measures Liveforce implements platform-wide designed to prevent unauthorised access, use, alteration or disclosure of customer data.


A list of third-party companies that may process personal data submitted to Liveforce’s services.