The Liveforce story

Our success is not only due to the quality of our work; it's down to attitude, our approach and the way we treat our clients.

manage event and temp staff

The outgoing events professional and the geeky tech brain – it may seem an unlikely match but luckily for Liveforce, founders Greg Lusk and Mark Walls found the perfect partnership. Greg Lusk has worked in the events industry for 18 years and kept coming up against the same problem with managing and scheduling event staff. Mark has 20 years’ experience creating and designing digital solutions to all kinds of problems.

Having worked together before on other projects, the pair met up to chat about an issue Greg had identified within the event staffing industry: a lot of wasted admin time. It is commonplace that long man-hours are spent on recruiting, scheduling, managing, and communicating with event staff, particularly temporary or casual staff. He knew there were some products on the market that could help with one or two of those areas, but not an all in one management system that could solve all these problems. He felt certain tech could provide a solution, and he knew that if anyone could deliver that solution, it was Mark Walls.

From that initial conversation the very first version of Liveforce began to take shape. Greg was working with JCP Nordic – one of Europe’s largest Events Agencies – so the pair were able to build a version of Liveforce that could be tested within the industry. 

In January 2018 Mark and Greg took a chance, ditched their day jobs and put everything into Liveforce to tackle this event staffing problem head on and build a solution.

What followed was intensive market research, meetings with potential clients and colleagues to fully understand requirements, but also crawling right under the skin of problems posed by existing software.

"We knew there were products out there, but they didn’t exactly solve the needs of an ever-evolving industry. We decided we were the people to make that product!"

Greg Lusk, Co-Founder, Liveforce

With the help of an Angel investor early in 2018, they were able to build a prototype. This was rigorously tested by early adopters, who then gave valuable feedback which ultimately helped to shape the product ready for a wider audience.

The product launched officially in January 2019. By the end of 2019, Liveforce had matured into the innovative product you know now and is continuously evolving to meet the needs of the events industry.

Timeline of key events

Our Mission

To be the best Event Staffing Software provider, creating innovative streamline solutions with style.

ultimate staff schedule and management

Call us ambitious but if you're going to do something, you may as well strive to be the very best at it! We are on a mission to change the landscape of event staffing by providing the best tool on market. Innovative, fun, user friendly and intuitive — we want our tools to add value.

"Software shouldn’t be boring, it should be fun, visually appealing and easy to pick up. Our mission is to make software that benefits business, and designed so well anyone can use it."

Mark Walls, Co-Founder, Liveforce


Delivering intuitive software that anyone can use, to make a big impact on their business.

In our DNA
customer centric

Customer Centric

For us, our clients come first. We spend a long time getting right to the heart of a problem and design out from there. Built for its users, Liveforce 100% puts the people first. Getting to the very core of the event staffing problem and providing an innovative solution.



For us, design comes first, tech comes second.  We want to build tech that is responsive, fun to use and friendly, with a lot of power under the hood. Presenting complex processes in a simple, easy to use way.



Tell us it can’t be done and we will put our incredible team together to challenge that. We see our job as digging down into understanding how people work, and the problems they face in their industry, we then strive to innovate a new way of working. 

Leadership Team

Greg Lusk


Greg is a creator and facilitator of change with over 18 years events industry experience. Greg is passionate about the events industry and firmly believes its the people that can make, or break, a live event. 

Two significant changes steered Greg toward the development of Liveforce. He identified in his work life, a lack of back office tools that would help the event’s industry work more professionally and efficiently. In his personal life, his growing family expedited a need to adjust his work schedule to fit with family life.

If Greg ever takes a break from Liveforce you can find him enjoying some quality family time in the mountains with his lovely wife and three kids (they’re stopping there apparently!)

Greg Lusk
Mark Walls

mark Walls


Mark is an experienced, award-winning business executive with over 20 years of marketing and digital innovation experience with leading brands and agencies, in the UK, US and Europe.

Never one to wait around for someone else to solve a problem, the ever proactive Mark has dedicated his working life to finding and creating digital solutions to a whole host of problems.  It is this curiosity and creative thinking that drew him to invest his skills in establishing Liveforce. Mark saw the potential to solve a genuine problem using tech, and he wanted to do it better than anyone else.

When he’s not at the Liveforce helm you can find him chasing Formula One around the globe, or hanging in beloved Tuscany with his wonderful wife and two kids – might have to leave the dog at home for that trip!

Some of the clients that use Liveforce...

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Profiles Personnel
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Boo Productions
London Bartenders Collective