The Liveforce story

Our success is not only due to the quality of our work; it’s down to our attitude, our approach and the way we treat our clients.

Our mission is to build world-class software to manage temp staff. We want to become the global standard for temp staff management, making it easier for event managers and staffing agencies to manage their teams efficiently. Our software provides a centralised platform that streamlines communication, scheduling, and payroll management, making it easier for event managers to focus on other critical aspects of their events.

As a tech business, we understand the importance of being customer-centric and design-led. We believe that our customers are the most critical aspect of our business, and everything we do revolves around making their experience exceptional. We work tirelessly to develop software that is easy to use and navigate, making it an essential tool for our customers.

Our founder, Mark Walls, recognised the need for efficient temp staffing software after years of experience in the event and creative world. In 2018, he founded the company with the goal of developing world-class software to manage temp staffing.

We knew there were products out there, but they didn’t exactly solve the needs of an ever-evolving industry. We decided we were the people to make that product!
Founder of Liveforce

We are a young and dynamic team with a passion for innovation and excellence. Our team members have a history of working in the events world, which has enabled us to understand the complexities and challenges that come with staffing events. We believe that technology can revolutionize the way events are managed, and we’re committed to making the process smoother and more efficient.

Our team has extensive experience working in the events world. We are a diverse and dynamic team, spread across several countries, which gives us a broad perspective and a comprehensive understanding of the global events market. Although we come from different backgrounds, we share a common goal of creating the best event staff software possible for the industry.

We’re passionate about making software that is nice to use and easy to navigate. That’s why we put a lot of effort into designing our software, making sure that it’s not only user-friendly but also visually appealing. Our design philosophy is to keep things simple and intuitive, making it easier for users to navigate through the software effortlessly.

Software shouldn’t be boring, it should be fun, visually appealing and easy to pick up. Our mission is to make software that benefits businesses and designed so well anyone can use it.
Founder of Liveforce


Secure the right talent

Customer Centric

For us, our clients come first. We spend a long time getting right to the heart of a problem and design out from there. Built for its users, Liveforce 100% puts the people first. Getting to the very core of the event staffing problem and providing an innovative solution.

Form and function


For us, design comes first, tech comes second.  We want to build tech that is responsive, fun to use and friendly, with a lot of power under the hood. Presenting complex processes in a simple, easy to use way.

Robot making job easy


Tell us it can’t be done and we will put our incredible team together to challenge that. We see our job as digging down into understanding how people work, and the problems they face in their industry, we then strive to innovate a new way of working. 

Some of the clients that use Liveforce...