How Complete Works saved time and increased profit with Liveforce

“Complete Works didn’t have a hole, they just needed a better bucket”. We spoke to George McLean from Complete Works about his experience with Liveforce, and how we helped them streamline their workforce management, save time and increase profit.

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Company overview

Complete Works provide actors in commercial settings within visitor attractions such as the National Gallery, Wembley, Kew Gardens and other well-known UK sites.


Wimbledon HQ, operate all over the UK




Quicker scheduling and management meant they could focus on the more fun and engaging areas of business. Money saved by could then be invested in gaining more business.

A production house and staffing agency, Complete Works place actors in commercial settings. Using their exceptional communication skills, the actors they employ create excellent visitor experiences. Whether it’s selling memberships or fundraising, their unique ability to make people happy quickly turns into a profit. “The more people we make happy, the more money we make. It’s a simple clear equation.” Says George.

One of our earliest clients, Complete Works believed in Liveforce and what we could do, right from the beginning.  They stuck with us through the development of the platform, giving great feedback and were instrumental in devising the Board scheme.

When Complete Works approached Liveforce back in January 2018, they didn’t necessarily have a problem to fix, as George says; “We didn’t have a hole, we just needed a better bucket.” Even though Complete Works was performing beautifully with great clients, the admin process of scheduling staff was slow.

“All technology should speed you up – if it slows you down then it’s not doing its job. Technology should liberate you to be creative and use different sides of your brain, to grow the business. It should do all the rubbish boring stuff for you. And that’s what Liveforce does in a really creative way.”

Excel, Sweat and Buckets of Hard Work

Before using Liveforce the system Complete Works used to schedule staff was “Excel. And sweat. And when I say sweat, I mean buckets of hard work.”

Complete Works had a protocol where before every single shift, an event manager would have to text every member of staff the night before, who would then have to log on in the morning an hour before their shift. Liveforce’s automated processes meant that was no longer necessary for Complete Works Event Managers, saving them time and ultimately, money.

“The admin involved in that alone was huge,” George recalls. “If you speak to any good consultant, they will say that the machine of your business is reliant on how well it’s lubricated, and how you clog out bottlenecks. A bottleneck is when too many resources is going into a limited capacity. And that’s what was happening there because the capacity was the day and the resource was the team.”

There’s only so much you can get done in a day

George’s small team of focused, highly energetic, and creative people were spending countless hours doing relatively mundane tasks – which meant they couldn’t focus on business development. And that’s where Liveforce made a real difference.

“That’s where we can focus now – on not only nailing our jobs – but spending lots of time looking after our clients, as well as business development, going to trade shows, talking about our work, and thinking of ways we can improve.  For us, it’s all about liberating mind space, but there’s also an element of the organisation. Simply put, Liveforce is more organised than we are.”

Price Point, Care and Ability to Change

When Complete Works came to look for a way to streamline its management and scheduling system, they looked at various providers.  They chose Liveforce because:

  1. Appealing Price Point: “You’re not the most expensive and not the cheapest either.”
  2. Customer Care: “The level of care has been outstanding from the beginning.”
  3. Graphics: “I really like the visuals.”
  4. Adaptability: “Really impressed with your ability to change.”

Transparency is a vital part of Liveforce’s culture and informs our approach. If something is wrong or not quite working, it’s part of our culture to problem-solve and fix it. When Complete Works first came over to Liveforce we were not a perfect fit – both sides knew that, but we were willing to adapt, change and work with Complete Works (as well as our other clients) to develop Liveforce into what they needed. We will and do, continue with that ethos.

“The insight of Mark and the team was that very quickly the changes we needed to happen, happened.  The natural development of Liveforce is organic, impressive and fast-paced.”

What would life without Liveforce look like?

“To be honest, we probably would have gone with one of your competitors, and I wouldn’t be as happy, because I am happy.”


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