The Age of Event Planning Automation


Great events don’t just happen.
There’s a lot of hard work behind the scenes, most of which falls on the shoulders of Event Managers, who have a special set of juggling skills. On any given day there are people to collaborate with, venues to coordinate, a long list of tasks to check off, pressure to increase registration and all of this within strict deadlines. The outcome is time-consuming and stressful!

Step away from the Sticky Notes

The events industry has been relatively slow on the uptake to digitise. Notoriously analogue, surrounded by paperwork, a typical planning wall would look like this:
Post-it crazy!
Cue the developers on white horses saving the sanity of the over worked stressed out events manager, one app at a time.  The digitisation of Event Management is revolutionising and professionalising the industry.  We are now firmly in the age of automation.

Event Management Software Leading Industry Growth

The Events Industry is going through an exciting growth period. Automation seeks to change the traditional experience of event planning, moving away from the current complex and manually intensive model.

Event Automation is the culmination of a multi-decade evolution of event management software

Event technology evolution
Event Management Software is a fast growing sector. Forecasts suggested a growth from $5.44 Billion in 2016 to $9.28 Billion in 2020, this is a CAGR increase of 11.3%.

 Event Automation technology provides functionality to help marketers optimize the impact of their event spend

Factors pushing growth

  • Smartphone users increase – 203% increase in mobile app usage at live events.
  • Expectations – Most attendees will assume there is an app for the event, they want to engage and enhance their experience.
  • Rising budgets for events
  • Use of cloud platform.
  • Existing products

This leads to a need for products that have to capabilities of constantly changing, adapting and improving.

There’s an App for that…

Born from the need to digitise there are a number of products available that can problem solve for event planners or improve experience for guests.
Etouches, Bizaboo and CVent  provide an All-In-One offering. Eventbrite, is a well-known and widely used ticketing site that also successfully attracts attendees. Crowd Mics  turns your mobile phone into a microphone allowing audiences to engage at conferences and meetings. Boom set allows guests to check in and print their badge in one easy click. Then there are experientials, like the Savor Band from Event Farm.

Automation Improves Efficiency, Saves Time and Sanity!

The benefits of Event Management Automation are reduced stress and increased productivity for managers, this in turn has a positive impact on ROI. Event Managers are reporting improved communication and tracking, the ability to create complex plans in minutes – all of which allows them to be more strategic & productive. This gives EMA users a competitive edge.

Tech Start-up dedicated Pavilion at Confex

International Confex 2017 kicks off next Wednesday 1 March. This year they have included a pavilion dedicated to start-ups in event management software; that is where you can find us.

Located at the heart of EventTech 17, the Event Tech Labs is the ideal platform for start-ups to access to a captive audience of event organisers

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