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How Liveforce helped elevate Indulge Catering and Event Management’s operations to a new level of efficiency, organisation, and satisfaction. 

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Established in 2010, Indulge creates bespoke events across the South West, London and Oxford, providing catering and event support services to a diverse client base.


Wiltshire, UK

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Streamlining staff communication and event organisation, as well as improving recruitment processes. 

A Feast for the Senses

Established in 2010, Indulge Catering and Event Management has been tantalising taste buds and creating unforgettable experiences across the South West, London, and Oxford for over 13 years. From their base on the picturesque Fonthill Estate in Wiltshire, this culinary maestro and event virtuoso has been orchestrating bespoke events that blend gastronomic delight with seamless execution.

“Each event is unique and tailored precisely to our client’s requirements and budget. With a dedicated team of over sixty talented chefs, front-of-house managers, and service and administrative staff, Indulge brings a wealth of experience to every event.”

Liveforce streamlines staffing for catering and event agencies

A Dash of Dilemma: Pre-Liveforce Era

Two years ago, Indulge found themselves juggling a medley of scheduling challenges. Their existing method relied on communication as tight as a perfectly rolled canapé but left room for errors. With a team of over sixty, managing staff schedules and event details became problematic and time-consuming.

Finding the Perfect Recipe: Choosing Liveforce

Enter Liveforce, a recommendation served piping hot by one of Indulge’s own. With the business rapidly expanding, the need for a reliable scheduling solution was pressing. Liveforce not only came highly recommended but also proved to be affordable, ticking all the essential boxes and then some.

“Liveforce came highly recommended by one of our staff who already used it with another company. We were aware these types of software existed but didn’t know how to choose, so this recommendation helped hugely.”

Three Courses of Success: Improvements Brought by Liveforce

1. Communication

Liveforce’s notification feature became the secret sauce for keeping staff in the loop in real time. No more chasing down details.

2. Organisation

The at-a-glance calendar turned Liveforce into Indulge’s event bible. Scheduling and booking events became a piece of cake, providing a centralised hub for all their staffing needs.

3. Visibility of Data

Liveforce offered a panoramic view of all data related to staffing. No more hunting for scattered details; everything is now as organised as a well-curated menu.

staffing software for catering businesses

Favourite Flavours: Indulge’s Top Liveforce Features

1. Notifications

Real-time communication saves the staff from unnecessary legwork, leaving more time for perfecting culinary masterpieces.

2. At-a-Glance Calendar  

Liveforce transformed into more than just staffing software; it became the go-to place for all event-related information.

3. Event Location Finder

Like a GPS for events, this feature adds the cherry on top by making sure the team knows exactly where the action is unfolding.

4. Helpdesk

Liveforce’s responsive and helpful support team became the cherry on top of the cherry. Quick and effective assistance whenever needed.

Indulge catering and events

Staff Harmony: A Symphony of Satisfaction

The app’s user-friendly interface ensured that even the less tech-savvy staff could navigate their way through schedules effortlessly.

Customer Support: A Culinary Companion

Indulge found Liveforce’s customer support to be a key ingredient in their success. The helpdesk, responded promptly and helpfully to any queries, ensuring a smooth service every time.

Liveforce has proven to be the secret ingredient that elevated Indulge Catering and Event Management’s operations to a new level of efficiency, organisation, and satisfaction. With Liveforce, Indulge continues to serve up not just events but experiences that leave a lasting impression.

Bon appétit!


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