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Jam Event Services is a leading consultancy in the Middle East, specialising in providing safety and people solutions to the event industry. With a presence across the GCC, Jam has established itself as a trusted partner for local, regional, and international event organisers, agencies, government entities, venues, and production houses


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Streamlining scheduling and payroll, overall improvement in time efficiency and staff management. 

Founded in the UK in 2014, Jam expanded its operations to Dubai in 2017 and opened an office in Saudi Arabia in 2021. At the core of Jam’s success is its extensive database of premium vetted, specialist event professionals with deep Middle East knowledge and experience.

Meeting Nadine: A Conversation with the Operations Director

In a recent interview with Nadine Hugo, the Operations Director at Jam, we gained valuable insights into how Liveforce has transformed their event staffing and management processes.

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About Jam Event Services

Jam Event Services operates through three main arms: Jam Health & Safety, Jam People, and Event Staffing. While Jam Health & Safety focuses on providing expert health and safety support, Jam People, where Nadine serves as the Operations Director, manages freelancers, permanent recruitment, and event staff. The company covers everything from the initial stages of event planning to its execution, offering a comprehensive suite of services tailored to the event industry’s needs.

A Sweet Journey with Liveforce

Jam Event Services has been using Liveforce since 2021, leveraging its staff scheduling and management capabilities to streamline their operations. Nadine highlights that the decision to adopt Liveforce was driven by the need to manage mass data effectively and keep up with industry trends. She emphasises the significance of following market trends, particularly in the dynamic landscape of the UAE’s event industry, where Liveforce has become a preferred choice among freelancers and companies alike.

Jam events Dubai Liveforce staffing solution

Key Benefits of Liveforce

1. Streamlined Profile Management

Profile management allows both freelancers and the company to edit profiles. This functionality enables them to ensure profile accuracy, match the right talent with client expectations, and quickly adapt to evolving requirements.

“The fact that we can streamline and house the candidates in one place has two benefits. It definitely gives more freelancers the opportunity to apply for jobs, and it grows our database, which means we have the opportunity to engage with more freelancers – previously only had a favourite little pool we worked with. This now opens us up to a bigger better world.”

2. Time Efficiency

With event staff often working long hours on-site, time is a precious commodity. Liveforce’s user-friendly interface, payroll integration, check-in/check-out abilities and efficient profile management save valuable time. This allows staff to focus on delivering exceptional event experiences.

“You cant be everywhere at once, no matter how many supervisors you’ve got working on an event. Check-in/ check-out has always been a great feature and one we share with our clients.”

3. Continuous Improvement and Adaptability

Nadine commends Liveforce for its proactive approach to feature updates and responsiveness to market needs. The platform’s constant evolution ensures that Jam stays ahead of the curve, providing enhanced services to clients and freelancers.

4. User-Friendly Interface

The simplicity and intuitiveness of Liveforce’s platform make it easy for both staff and freelancers to navigate and utilise it effectively.

“I’m a firm believer in not making things complicated, the more simple the better to make life easier. That is what drew me to Liveforce. There’s nothing worse than trying to be on a platform that makes your life harder. Liveforce has streamlined and simplified back and front of office.”

Jam event staffing UAE Liveforce staffing solution

Liveforce Onboarding, Customer Support and Academy

The onboarding process and customer support provided by Liveforce have been nothing short of exceptional for Jam Event Services. Nadine particularly commends Liveforce Academy for its effectiveness in training new team members. Preferring the Liveforce Academy over the YouTube Channel, Nadine finds it incredibly user-friendly and comprehensive.

“The Academy is great for new team members, instead of giving them YouTube I give them the Academy and tell them to come back in three days! It 100% works”

She notes that the academy’s structured sections make it easy for both new and experienced users to navigate, ensuring that any questions or issues can be quickly resolved by consulting the platform.

“I really like the academy. For me, it’s easy to get someone new to the team to learn Liveforce.  Each section of the academy is broken down, so even if we get stuck, we quickly search in the academy and then it’s done, you find the answer.”

Staff Response and Customer Support

Nadine expresses satisfaction with Liveforce’s customer support, citing their prompt responsiveness and effective resolution of inquiries. She notes that staff members have responded positively to Liveforce, appreciating its ease of use and the efficiency it brings to their workflow.

Jam services Dubai Liveforce staffing

Impact on Business and Future Prospects

The integration of Liveforce into Jam’s operations has had a profound impact on their ability to manage event staffing efficiently. By centralising candidate profiles and leveraging Liveforce’s filtering and availability features, Jam can target the right talent for each event, saving time and ensuring optimal resource allocation.

Liveforce has emerged as a valuable partner for Jam Event Services, empowering them to deliver exceptional event experiences through efficient staffing solutions. As the event industry continues to evolve, Jam remains confident in Liveforce’s ability to support their growth and adaptation to changing market dynamics.

“Liveforce is very active in updating, listening and understanding the market and that’s why I think you guys are always ahead, and what makes you such a good partner in staffing.”

By harnessing the power of Liveforce, Jam Event Services continues to lead the way in providing innovative and reliable event solutions across the Middle East. Hhugo


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