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How Liveforce helped dynamic recruitment agency improve their event staffing operations.

Company name

Company overview

Profiles is a prominent player in the UK’s event staffing scene, with three divisions: Commercial, Industrial, and Events. The Events division, in particular, thrives on supplying skilled personnel to top-tier events, spanning Stadiums, Racecourses, Festivals, Private Parties, and Weddings.

HQ Location

Farnham, UK

Using Liveforce Since

Beginning of 2019


Liveforce has empowered Profiles to overcome manual inefficiencies, enhancing their event staffing operations and delivering an improved experience for both clients and staff.

Profiles enhance Event Staffing efficiency with Liveforce

When Fran Dancona, Training and Operations Manager at Profiles since 2015, joined the company, the events division faced archaic challenges. Bookings and temp records were managed manually with pencil and paper, leading to inefficiencies. Cancelling or adjusting bookings was cumbersome; 

“When I joined Profiles in 2015, we were using paper and pencil to record our bookings and temps…When someone would cancel, we would rub them out!”

The existing system, although a database, lacked user-friendly interaction for staff and had limited access.

Why liveforce stood out

Fran explored various solutions but found many to be bulky and challenging for candidates. Liveforce stood out due to its user-friendly interface, especially its job board and scheduling capabilities. The ability to instantly post bookings to staff and gain real-time visibility on scheduled personnel differentiated Liveforce. This feature contributed to improved management, consistency, and client satisfaction.

“The different boards for scheduling were revolutionary. It’s clear from a management and consistency perspective who is booked in for the whole week, which is something I haven’t seen in any other staffing solution platforms.”

3 key areas where liveforce significantly enhanced the business

Quick Fill Rate

Liveforce facilitated quicker job placements, transforming the client experience and allowing consultants to maintain a healthier work-life balance.

“We can fill jobs in minutes instead of hours, increasing our consultant’s productivity.”

Candidate Quality

Liveforce enabled a more refined assessment of candidates, resulting in an improvement in the overall quality of staff.

“Our quality of candidates has improved as we are able to access skills and experience in a much finer way in Liveforce than previously.”


The platform allowed Profiles to efficiently communicate client requirements to staff, offering consistency and the ability to plan.

“It gives our staff and clients consistency and allows them to have their favourite staff returning.”

profiles Favourite Liveforce feature

Job Copying: Saving administrative time.

Access to Candidate Profiles: A comprehensive view of candidates’ profiles, experience, and history.

Staff response to event staffing software

Profiles’ staff embraced Liveforce enthusiastically, appreciating its user-friendly interface compared to other agencies’ apps.

“They absolutely love it… compared to the other agencies’ ‘bulky’ and ‘dated’ apps.”

And finally a word about Customer Service…

Profiles Personnel commend Liveforce’s customer support, particularly highlighting the responsiveness of Customer Support Heroes:

“Customer Support are always on the case! They get back to me very quickly every time I have a question.”


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