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THA Staffing Excels with Liveforce streamlined staffing software. Our user-friendly admin platform and crew app have enabled THA to enhance their core business.

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THA Staffing specialise in temporary staffing in the Middle East. Providing events with hostesses, promoters, registration staff or production experts.  THA’s goal is to serve as an extension to their clients’ team by helping them achieve their objectives.


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Liveforce has revolutionised the way THA sources and books talent and has become the cornerstone of their database management.

Setting the Stage: THA’s Unique Style

In the glittering world of events and experiences, THA Staffing stands out as a staffing partner for many clients within the Middle East. Established in 2015, THA is beyond a staffing agency; it’s a beacon of excellence in the Middle East market, where visitor experiences take centre stage. Unlike traditional counterparts, THA leverages technology, in-house operations managers, and a freelancer-centric model to curate exceptional experiences for the events, hospitality, and luxury retail industries. Their goal is to work hand-in-hand with clients and exceed expectations. We spoke with Erika Lahssini, Group Director of Operations about THA’s experience with Liveforce.

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A Three-Year Affair: THA’s Journey with Liveforce

For three years now, THA has been dancing to the Liveforce rhythm, seamlessly integrating our staffing software into their operations.

Spotting the Gap: THA’s Quest for Efficiency

Back in 2015, THA recognised a gap in the market where staffing wasn’t fully harmonised with the events industry in the Middle East. The vision was clear – transform the market by infusing stellar guest experiences into all industries. When the challenges of the pandemic hit, THA faced a critical choice: “We had two options: stick to the status quo with manual processes using Excel sheets and WhatsApp groups or seize the opportunity to set THA apart by embracing technology.” They chose the latter.

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How Liveforce Stole the Spotlight

Liveforce emerged as the leading player in the field, offering an admin platform and Crew App that waltzed seamlessly into THA’s operations, while allowing THA to enhance its core business. What made us stand out?

·       User-Friendly Interface

Liveforce’s admin platform and Crew App are as user-friendly as a well-mapped event venue.

·       Secure Data Storage

Trust is the foundation of any good relationship. Liveforce securely stores data, ensuring THA’s information is protected.

·       Customisation Flexibility

Liveforce allows THA to tailor certain features to fit their specific needs, ensuring a perfect fit.

·       Geofencing Check-In

A crucial feature for THA, geofencing check-in ensures that the right talent is in the right place at the right time.

·       Streamlined Payment Process

Liveforce turned payment processing into a piece of cake, making sure THA’s freelancers get paid efficiently, and on time.

·       Automated Timesheets

Liveforce’s automated timesheets ensure every note is hit perfectly.

·       Improved Visibility

Liveforce provides THA with improved visibility on all jobs, ensuring every deployment is a showstopper.

·       Enhanced Communication

Liveforce improved communication with freelancers, ensuring everyone is up to date with all the information they need.

“Liveforce offers an admin platform and a Crew App, both of which are extremely user-friendly. All data is securely stored, and we have the flexibility to customise features to meet our specific needs. Geofencing check-in is a crucial feature, and the payment process has become more streamlined. Automated timesheets, improved visibility on all jobs, and enhanced communication with freelancers—all in one package.”

Three Areas Liveforce has made an impact on THA  

Database Management

Liveforce has become the cornerstone for THA’s database management, offering a centralised hub for all critical information related to staffing.

Payment Reporting

The introduction of Liveforce has led to a more robust payment reporting system, ensuring transparency and accuracy in financial processes.

Sourcing and Booking

Liveforce has revolutionised the way THA sources and books talent, providing opportunities to a broader pool of freelancers or targeting specific crew members based on the requirements of each job.

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Favourite Features: THA’s Top Picks from the Liveforce Menu


Geofencing Check-In

“This feature has become instrumental in ensuring that our events are staffed with precision. It’s a game-changer in terms of accountability.”

Post-Approval Information

“Having access to post-approval information allows us to fine-tune our processes continually. It’s an invaluable tool for ongoing improvement.”


“Automated timesheets have simplified our workflow, providing accurate records of working hours and facilitating seamless payment processes.”

Freelancer Adoption and Liveforce Support: A Symbiotic Relationship

Erika acknowledges the initial challenges in persuading freelancers to register, but positive word of mouth and the platform’s user-friendly nature have led to a consistent increase in applicants.

As for Liveforce’s customer support, Erika expresses gratitude:

Liveforce customer support consistently strives to find solutions, and their response time is commendably quick. My team often wonders, ‘How did we manage before having Liveforce?’

THA and Liveforce’s partnership is a testament to how embracing technology can transform not just processes but the entire approach to staffing. With Liveforce, THA continues to set the stage for exceptional experiences, leaving both clients and freelancers applauding their seamless performances.


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