Professionalising the Events Industry one app at a time


Apps for the Events Industry

This June, Liveforce attended The Meetings Show in Kensington Olympia, as part of “The Future of Meetings” stand.  Our events guru, Greg Lusk spoke to the Meeting Design Institute about the inspiration and thinking behind our first app, launched in January.
A tool aimed at event professionals to help manage their crew, Liveforce is making a real impact on Back End organisation.

Meeting Design Institute discuss Liveforce

“Event management is about smooth planning and running. Something currently still been done in Excel or printed plans on paper. There surely must be a better way, right? There has been an explosion of Delegate management, networking apps – something delegates experience and love. – but behind the scenes, the planning and communication of events are still been done very manually. The question is why? Has no-one explored this niche yet? Is everyone building their own tools and keeping them in-house? Are old habits just too hard to change? Are event planners too skeptical to web based tools? In this interview, we discussed with Greg Lusk, founder of Liveforce, the importance of professionalising the events industry one app at a time.”