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Starter package


per month

One admin and your first 500 crew

Monthly rolling contract

Every package includes:

  • First 14-days free
  • Free 1-hour online training
  • Crew mobile app
  • Cancel at anytime
  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited jobs
  • Chat messages
  • Emails and push notifications
  • Free crew import
  • Basic support for you and your workforce
  • Knowledge base

Additional admins cost £100 per month. Extra Crew cost £50 per month per 1,000. All prices exclude VAT at 20%.


Increase the functionality of the platform and get help at every step.



Customised onsite and online training packages available for you and your workforce.

from £500

Crew App


Easily send SMS to your workforce about specific jobs or general updates from the business.

5p per SMS

Premium Support

Live chat support for you and your workforce available within the platform and app.

from £50 per month

Pricing FAQs

What is included in the monthly subscription?

Our monthly subscription includes all emails, push notifications and chat messages. The only additional charge is if you decide to send SMS messages to your Crew. These are charged at 5p each.

Does premium support include help for my crew?

Yes. Premium support allow your Crew access live chat support as well as all your admins.

What is an admin?

An admin is a person who needs access to the platform to manage Crew. For example, Staffing Director, Talent Manager or Event Manager. 

Do you have a viewer admin type? 

We’re introducing a ‘view only’ admin type later in this year.

Why do Crew cost money?

We use paid-for third-party tools to send emails, push notifications and chat messages. The Crew costs help cover the cost for these services.

What countries does Liveforce work in?

We have existing clients in a range of countries all over the globe. We are regularly releasing new features to make the platform work even better across different territories.

Can we share an admin licence?

No. Each admin licence is for one person who needs access to the platform.

How can I cancel my account?

We have monthly rolling contracts which you can cancel at anytime.