Why is Liveforce Free?

We will always offer a freemium version that lets you effectively manage your workforce.


We want you to see the value in our product before you choose yourselves how you want to upgrade the platform to suit your individual business needs.


The way you upgrade the platform will be through premium modules and extensions.


These will naturally be fully integrated into the Liveforce platform and are designed to help you manage more of your business operations in the same place.

So What is a Premium Module?

A good example of this would be our “tasks” module.


This will allow you to set tasks for your staff to complete whilst on the job e.g. uploading that all important picture or adding results from the campaign.


Staff will naturally be able to do all this on their smart device and you’ll be able to see the live status in the admin panel.


Premium modules will be charged monthly and based on usage.

What About Extensions?

Think about extensions as a way of turbocharging the freemium version of Liveforce.


A great example of an extension would be the possibility to fully customise parts of the platform you share with your clients so for example if you’re sharing a board you will be able to add their logo and change the colours to match their brand.


Extensions will be a flat fee per month and will all be priced at 20 GBP per month.


Will You Charge Crew?

Yes – but only for the premium features of the mobile app. This will include certain integrations and automation features to ease pay requests etc. Free users will have all of the abilities to find and apply for roles and will never be at a disadvantage.


Estimated to be 5 GBP per month and they can always use the freemium version of the app just fine.  

We’ve worked closely with 100’s of crew to design the premium app and agree on what they would be only too happy to pay for.

  • Unlimited Workforce & Boards
  • Unlimited Jobs, Scheduling and Management
  • View your Workforce’s Availability
  • Invite and Book Crew
  • Unlimited Team’s
  • Native Crew App – Manage Jobs, Applicants, Pay & More

When Will Liveforce Premium Be Live?

Our wonderful development team are working hard to ensure that the premium features and platform updates are ready for the end of 2018.


We will keep users posted via email and our blog so keep your eye open. In the meantime, sign up for your free account and give the current platform a test run.

I Have Additional Questions

We realise this is a new approach to pricing and may raise some questions. We’re dedicated to providing a fairly priced service to both staff and companies.


Please reach out if you would like anything clarified.

e. greg@liveforce.co  / t.  +442071935642