Product Roadmap

Keep up-to-date with what the product team have planned. If you’d like to submit feedback or discuss ideas, please email [email protected].


Q1 2024

Data masking

Apply a mask to profile data to check data formating, e.g. bank sort code formatting.


Crew Invoicing (full release)

We’ve had our new invoicing feature in beta for a few months and are currently implementing some updates before a full release.

Internal job notes

Admins will be able to keep internal notes on Jobs.

Profile customisation

Admins can change the name of a Profile, decide if it is self-employed/employed, and set different Legal stuff/Terms for each Profile.

Data validation

Track document expiry dates and validation status. Automatic applicant reference email request process.

Skills and Requirement improvements

Skills will be removed and replaced with the ability to turn certain Data Types into a Requirement. This will improve how Skills are managed and sign posted to Crew.

Secondary contact notifications - new applicant

Secondary contacts on Boards will be sent an email when new applicants apply to a Role.

Workforce page updates and new Applicants page

Applicants will be moved to a separate page; statuses can be changed in bulk with more control and the ability to create custom statuses.

Holiday pay customisation

Set holiday to any percentage of salary.

Rota view

Introduction of rota views to Boards and the Workforce page to more easily view who’s available at a glance.

Tentatively book Crew

Pencil Crew onto a Role and then later confirm once everything is confirmed.

Multi-Day Job improvements

Various improvements to provide more flexibility and ease of use.

Updated Crew App

Introduction of new design with tons of improvements.

Client portal

Allow your client to sign off timesheets and other actions.

Comms improvements

Providing more customisation and tracking with email and push notifications. Ability to send from our domain.

Chat improvements

Overhauled Crew chat to provide a much richer user experience.

Admin mobile app

Receive push notifications while on the go in a dedicated mobile app for Admins.

Use our API via Zapier to create your own integrations.

Data and report module

Ability to easily report on any data in the platform. Including exports and visualisations.

Multiple Profiles

Create multiple Profiles to manage Crew in different countries or with different needs, eg. Volunteer and Freelancer profiles. Each Profile will have it’s own data.

Multiple timezones and currencies

Each Board will be able to use a different timezone and currency.


Nov 2023

Save Table Views

Save table views to quickly switch between most popular data.

Board Access

Control which Admins have access to Boards.

Staff Admin Permissions

Admins with ‘Staff’ permissions can have their access to the Workforce page and the ability to create new Boards restricted.

Sep 2023

Approval page updates

Introduction of new tables to the Approvals page to allow for improved searching and filtering.

Legal stuff migration

Legal stuff data will be migrated to the new Profiles allowing Admins to add different information for each Profile.

Clock in/out updates (full release)

Feature updates to our recently released clock in/out feature based on early client feedback.

Jun 2023

Workforce page updates

All custom profile data will be able to be added to the Workforce page table and exports. New date range filtering will be introduced.

New Payment Reports

New payment reports will be introduced on a per-profile basis. All custom profile data will be able to be added to a payment report. The existing Payment Reports (including the New Starter Report) will be sunset over the coming few months.

Status page updates

All custom profile data will be able to be added to the Status page table and exports. New date range filtering will be introduced.

Promote Roles via email

Send Role promotions using email, as well as existing Push notifications and SMS.

Apr 2023

Email notification controls

Decide which emails you’d like the system to send automatically to your Crew.

Regional units of measurement

Admin App and Crew App will use relevant units of measurement depending on your country’s settings.

Board secondary contacts - Cancellation email notifications

Set Admins that would like to receive a cancellation and new application emails on a per Board basis.

Mar 2023

Profile section ordering and conditional logic

We’ve made a bunch of improvements to the Profile page, giving you further control over the data you want to collect. The latest update allows you to:

  • Move sections into any order
  • Move data types within sections into any order
  • Sections that have been amended are highlighted in yellow
  • Add conditional logic to fields to improve data capture

Job Board API

Use Job data for various integrations. Learn more about our APIs here.

Workforce page 'Alert' column

The Workforce page now shows which Crew have an alert on their profile. Click on VIEW>CUSTOMISE VIEW to add this column to your table.

Removal of INACTIVE Crew status

The INACTIVE status caused confusion. This status has now been removed, and all INACTIVE Crew are shown as ACTIVE. It is possible to filter down your Workforce to when they last worked to manage database cleansing more effectively.

Add/Show Number of Applicants on Job Card

Admins can now control the visibility of applicant numbers when the Role is full. By default, this number is hidden when full but can now be set to stay visible. This is managed from the Board Settings pop-in.