12 Ways We’re Revolutionising Promotional Staffing Software


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Since launching our promotional staffing software in the UK earlier this year it’s been a fast-paced journey so far for Liveforce.  We’re really happy with the number of agencies that have already made the move to us helping them to ensure smooth and easy management of their promotional staffing database and business.

After much review and discussion with our customers, we wanted to ensure that the entire platform was up to scratch, even if we didn’t yet have the perfect platform – we wanted to know exactly how we could do this.

Below is a list of the many reasons (but not all) why Liveforce is taking over the promotional staffing software arena.

Workforce Management – Promotional Staffing Software

Knowing who you’ve got in your database, how active they are, where they are located and tagging them in some way was one of the things we quickly learnt agencies wanted better control of.

Our revised workforce management module amongst other things will now allow you to:

  • Create teams and add staff you want in them. Useful if you want to organise staff by the client they work for (eg Coca Cola) or by a specific role (London bartenders).
  • Create “smart” teams in which your crew automatically qualify as and when they meet the requirements set by you. (Eg Crew in Manchester, with at least a 4,5-star rating with blue eyes etc)
  • Share these teams with your clients and let them upvote the staff they would prefer to be used.
  • Fill shifts you haven’t managed to book in your own workforce using our growing pool of promotional staff directly from within the platform (no need to post out in facebook groups anymore).

Recruitment – Applicant Tracking System

Some promo staff come and go. Some stick around. Clients need change. We felt your pain.

The hunt for new talent is an ongoing and seemingly never-ending process. We decided to make recruitment just that little bit easier by:

  • We’ll be adding even more flexibility to the online application form allowing you to choose exactly what info you collect on your crew and at what stage of the recruitment process. Useful as crew hate having to fill out information time and time again.
  • Set up our own agency-specific recruitment process within the platform and see, visually, exactly what stage each candidate is at.
  • No need to use excel on the side. A fairly common breakdown of the stages…

> New applicant

> Telephone interview

> Internal workshop

> Invited

> Active

  • Invite crew from the Liveforce pool to join your company. You can even set tasks you would like them to complete to qualify for example uploading a 30-second video about themselves.

Scheduling on Fire – Employee Scheduling Software

When you’ve got multiple campaigns running and a lot of roles to fill you don’t want to waste time clicking between various screens to see the status of jobs.

We are totally reworking our scheduling module and are excited to announce our board’s concept. You can expect:

  • Super visual overview so you can see exactly where your missing crew or who are working on each job.
  • Create and edit jobs in seconds using the board pop-in menu.
  • Set different times and pay for the various roles on the job.
  • Create multiple day shifts that require the same crew to work.
  • Copy and paste, drag and drop – you’re in control.

Start filling the gaps in your schedule quickly with the ability to:

  • Invite multiple crew to the role.
  • Book crew who have indicated themselves as available.
  • Choose and accept crew from those that have applied.

Geo Check-Ins

“I’m on my way”  – we’ve all heard the excuse as you realise some of your crew are late to their shift. Our native app will, amongst other things, only allow crew to check in once they are within X metres of the location.  

Live Status

You’re one person managing multiple people. You enjoy your weekends as well! You haven’t got time to be ringing hundreds of crew, following up on SMS or trawling your email to check they’ve confirmed they are still planning on showing up to work.

We’ve created a live status page which you can filter as you desire to show you exactly the information you want.

  • See the status of all the crew working on jobs
  • Have they all “confirmed attendance” the night before.
  • Who hasn’t “checked in” in on time.
  • Filter the list as you want to create quick and necessary communications out to only those that need it!

Integrated Communications

It’s often amazing how much info that needs to be communicated about a job and the number of questions you receive, often the same more than once.

Using email and setting up additional Whatsapp groups to manage this works, but we knew it would be better if everything was in one place.

Our communications module will look to reduce your need to repeat yourself multiple times and maybe even reduce your phone bill.

  • Create and schedule notifications you want to send out in advance. Then choose the most effective channel it will be delivered in. Email or in-app notifications?  
  • Create chats within each job or role within the job. Useful if you need to get urgent information out to different people on the same job. Also useful if you want to let the crew chat amongst themselves about how they plan on getting to the job or that the trains are delayed….again.

Crew App – Designed Around their Needs

After talking to hundreds of crew, analysing surveys and listening intently at focus groups we’ve tweaked the dedicated crew app to make their lives a whole lot easier

  • The crews “calendar” will give them a clear overview of where and when they are working and the status of each job, for example, they have been confirmed, they have applied but are waiting for approval, or if the job is now full.
  • The app will also give them intelligently time-based prompts to help them succeed for example directions before the shift is starting, the check-in button once they’ve arrived, and then the list of tasks they need to complete once they start.
  • Our auto approve timesheets feature will ensure crew don’t have to manually submit their timesheets anymore. Especially useful if there´s nothing to change.
  • Submitting expenses and the required receipts will soon be effortless as they photograph and upload directly through with their smartphone.  

GDPR Compliant

How 4 small letters could cause so much headache is beyond us. However, we’ve done our homework, met with employment lawyers and GDPR consultants. So be rest assured we’ll continue to follow the regulations ensuring you are too.

  •   Crew can easily access all the info Liveforce holds on them directly  through the app
  •   If deleted only the absolute necessary info will be kept to ensure your financial reports are kept intact.
  •   Our crew privacy policies are as transparent as they come and inform crew exactly what info is held on them.

It’s that time of the month….payday!

For the crew, it’s possibly the best day of the month. For those running the payroll a headache beyond anything else.

We don’t claim to have made this process fun, but hopefully a lot easier…

  • Auto approve will mean if crew haven’t contested their timesheet within a timeframe you set then it will automatically be “approved” and added to the next report.
  • Bulk approvals and ratings will mean you don’t have to review and approve each timesheet individually.
  • Beautiful excel reports (yes we used those words together) will be available at the click of a button ensuring your payroll provider has everything they need.

Platform Settings – Make it your Own!

You may be using Liveforce but you want to make it feel like it’s your own. We get you. The platform settings will give you a whole heap of options if you want to customise the platform:

Here are just a few to get started…

  • Set your agency hourly rates/day rates for specific roles. Really useful when creating new jobs as they’ll automatically use these amounts as the default
  • Edit the default messages/ notifications we’ve created throughout the system to reflect your own tone of voice.
  • Create tags for clients or projects allowing you to run reports on those specific items.


Getting all the crew to the location on time is only half of the job. What they do once they’re there is often the difference between a happy client or angry one.

As all crew are only human – our tasks feature will help guide them on their way to brilliance.

As an admin you can:

  • Create tasks that need to be created pre-job, during or after.
  • Create different tasks per job role.
  • Choose how you want the task to be verified for example maybe you want the crew to upload 5 photos from the event for social media purposes or case studies.
  • See the status and results of all the tasks. Useful when you need to produce that all-important report to the client

Build Loyalty and Enhance Culture

Your crew work hard, they’re the face of your agency and deserve a little love every now and again.

We know in a hectic workday it can be easy to forget that all-important SMS or gif post to their Facebook timeline on their birthday, or celebrating they´ve worked 100 shifts for you!

So we automated the process for you. It’s often the small things that count.

Tell Me More

By now I would imagine that you are thinking something along the lines of
1) Wow – where do I sign up?
2) This sounds “too good to be true”
3) The proof will be in the pudding.
Either way, I would love the opportunity to hear from you. I can show you the full clickable prototype and give you a breakdown of exactly when you can expect these features and more.

If you’ve got your own ideas for features to be added to our promotional staffing software then I would be only too happy to discuss.

Next steps?

The best way to try Liveforce is to schedule a demo and one of our friendly Sales reps will get in touch with everything you need.