Tackling Key Challenges in Event Catering Staffing with Liveforce


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Event catering is a dynamic and demanding industry that relies heavily on a dedicated and skilled workforce. However, staffing for event catering comes with its own set of challenges that can impact the quality and success of events. These challenges include retention, skill levels, availability, reliability, and loyalty. Fortunately, staffing software like Liveforce can address these issues effectively, ensuring smooth operations and exceptional service delivery.

Retention in Event Catering

Retention is a critical issue in event catering staffing. High turnover rates can disrupt operations and lead to increased costs associated with recruiting and training new staff. Retaining experienced staff ensures consistency and reliability, which are essential for delivering high-quality service.

Impact of high staff turnover

Frequent turnover means that catering companies must constantly invest time and resources into hiring and training new employees. This not only affects the quality of service but also increases operational costs.

How Liveforce Helps Improve Staff Retention

Liveforce improves retention by streamlining staffing processes, making it easier for crew members to manage their schedules and tasks. A user-friendly interface and efficient processes reduce frustration and increase job satisfaction, encouraging staff to stay longer with the company.

Liveforce’s dedicated Crew App

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Ensuring High Skill Levels

Skill levels vary widely among catering staff, and ensuring that the right people with the right skills are assigned to the appropriate tasks is crucial for event success. The quality of food, service, and overall guest experience depends significantly on the skill and expertise of the staff.

Mismatched Skills can Scupper your Staffing

Mismatched skills can lead to poor performance, guest dissatisfaction, and potential damage to the catering company’s reputation. It is essential to ensure that staff members have the necessary skills and experience for their assigned roles.

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How Liveforce Keeps Skills in Check

Liveforce allows for detailed profiling of staff skills. Managers can match jobs with the right personnel based on their skills and experience, ensuring that only qualified staff are assigned to specific tasks. This targeted approach enhances service quality and efficiency.

Availability and Scheduling

Availability is a constant challenge in event catering, where staffing needs can change rapidly based on event schedules. Ensuring that the right number of staff are available at the right time is critical for seamless operations.

Inefficient Scheduling Can Impact Budget and Service

Inefficient scheduling can lead to understaffing or overstaffing, both of which are detrimental to business. Understaffing can result in poor service, while overstaffing increases costs unnecessarily.

Liveforce Scheduling Features Streamlines Event Staffing

Liveforce features an availability calendar that allows management to quickly see who is available for upcoming events. This eliminates the time-consuming process of calling around to check availability and ensures that staff scheduling is accurate and efficient. The traffic light system on the boards means admins can quickly see which jobs still need filling and which jobs are fully staffed. The switch shift feature means event managers can switch their staff and crew will be notified automatically – saving time, hassle and keeping your staff in the loop.

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Improving Reliability

The reliability of staff is vital in event catering. Unreliable staff can cause significant disruptions, leading to last-minute cancellations and a scramble to find replacements.

Consistent Communication means Happy Staff

Unreliable staff can jeopardise the success of an event, leading to customer dissatisfaction and potential loss of business. Maintaining a reliable workforce is essential for consistent service delivery.

Liveforce puts Real-Time Comms First

Liveforce enhances reliability through transparent communication. Staff receive clear information about their schedules, job details, and any updates in real-time, reducing the chances of misunderstandings and no-shows.

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Building Loyalty

Loyalty among staff can significantly impact the overall performance and reputation of a catering company. Loyal staff are more likely to go above and beyond in their roles, contributing to better service and customer satisfaction.

A workforce that eats together stays together

Ok, so that isn’t necessarily true – but snacks always help! A loyal workforce reduces turnover and training costs and ensures that staff are committed to maintaining high standards of service. Building loyalty requires a combination of fair treatment, transparent communication, and reliable scheduling.

How Liveforce Can Improve Staff Loyalty

Liveforce fosters loyalty by providing crew members with a clear and organised view of available jobs, schedules, invoicing, and expenses all in one place. This transparency and ease of use creates a sense of trust and satisfaction among staff, encouraging them to remain loyal to the company.

Practical solutions to catering staffing issues

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Addressing the key challenges of retention, skill levels, availability, reliability, and loyalty is essential for the success of any event catering business. Staffing software like Liveforce offers practical solutions to these issues, streamlining processes, improving communication, and ensuring that the right people are in the right place at the right time. By leveraging the capabilities of Liveforce, catering companies can enhance their staffing operations, reduce costs, and deliver exceptional service consistently. Embracing technology in event catering staffing is not just a trend but a necessity for staying competitive in today’s fast-paced industry.

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