We were born out of an event agency

Spending hours and hours on the phone organising freelancers and crew, was costing us time and money. We knew there had to be a better way. In early 2016, we set out to build it. Our automated app changed the way we work. And now it can have the same impact on your workflow.


Updating complex Excel spreadsheets, confined to PCs, battling with a creaking CRM, hours (and hours) on the phone, and freelancers contacted via public job boards. Does that sound like your working day? It was ours.

If only we had an integrated system that made life easier for us and our freelancers. It would make us more responsive to our clients, improve our relationship with our freelancers and automate time-consuming processes.

Liveforce lets us share information within the agency – try that with Excel! Yet it keeps valuable freelancer information confidential to us.

Contacting freelancers no longer requires checking a job board and our own contact list, then telephoning or texting individually using a cellphone. No.

These kind of processes – the ones you use all day, every day – are integrated and automated. What could take hours, now takes just a few minutes.

And, for freelancers, we’ve got a responsive mobile app that takes care of everything from registration, through applying for jobs, to submitting timesheets, down to tracking payments.

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