5 features to help manage Event staff during the pandemic


Scrolling through my insta and LinkedIn feed this morning it was nice to  see a growing number of posts about people actually being back at work in the events and promotional staffing industry.

This got us thinking about how some existing Liveforce features could help agencies manage their event staff during the pandemic. Below we’ve outlined our top 5.

Don’t get left short staffed when crew call in sick

With the NHS recommending people experiencing symptoms of Covid-19 to self isolate for 7 days the chances of crew needing to cancel last minute is inevitable.

Using our reserve list feature could be a great way to combat this. This feature gives crew the option to add themselves to a reserve list if the role they are applying for is full. Admins then know which crew from the applicants tab can most likely step in at the last minute.

Top Tip – Just to avoid any confusion amongst crew it may be worth communicating in the role description your agency’s policies in regard to the reserve list, e.g. expectations around working etc

You can read more info about how the reserve list works for crew here:


The above screens shots from crew app demonstrate how Crew add themselves to a reserve list and how it shows in their “My Calendar.”

Use alerts to Track and Trace crew at risk of covid-19

Effectively keeping track of which Crew are currently in isolation or may have been infected as a result of working with other crew members that have since tested positive, will be crucial in ensuring everyone contributes to keeping the R number below 1.

We’d recommend using the internal comments and alert feature for this exact purpose.

Admins can easily add alerts to Crew profiles which will then be seen by anyone else looking to book that crew member.


Easily communicate Covid-19 related items to crew

Whether you need to inform Crew that someone they recently worked with has tested positive for Covid-19, or update them on the latest preventive measures whilst working in the field; our built in comms is a quick and easy way of distributing this information.

Notifications in the form of email, push or SMS can be started directly from the board to either everyone on the job, in a certain role, or specifically to one person.

Chats can also be easily created on jobs keeping everyone in the loop. (PS – Crew no longer receive emails for every chat message sent – just in case this was holding you back)

Top tip: If you need a Covid-19 risk assessment plan check out this free resource

notifyThis screenshot shows how to notify workforce on a job either by Push, Email or SMS


An example of how to use chat to quickly and effectively communicate with crew on a job.

Create customsied skills or Tags to track which of your crew have completed Covid-19 training

We all know the importance of providing qualified crew to deliver a clients event or campaign. But keeping track of everyone’s skills can prove tricky. Especially as many have used the lock down to take a seemingly endless list of on-line courses or finally having the time to improve on their existing skills.

Asking crew to update their profiles is not only a great way of getting a better idea of what talent you have in your database, it may also open up new opportunities.  Only yesterday I heard a great example of this from one of the event staffing agencies using Liveforce who had managed to pick up some work providing gardeners to the local council. Not exactly event staffing – but a means to an end right now.

If you’d prefer to internally manage which crew you feel are a better fit for specific jobs then TAGS could also be an effective way of doing this. This guide in the knowledge bank shows you how to Tag crew.

Top Tip: Remember Tags can be used as a requirement on roles and you can promote roles to crew that only have those Tags. Very handy if you only want relevant Crew to receive notifications about the job.


Streamline the cancellation process for crew

If you’re not already using this feature maybe now would be a good time to trial it?

In the app settings of your account you can activate a feature that allows crew to cancel a job via the app.

Here´s how it works:


This article in the knowledge bank explains how it works for crew. In the case of corona virus it’s important to have a record of this information and a time-stamp to help you manage the Crew in the weeks that follow.

That’s our top 5 for now. We’d love to hear any ideas you have for other features we can implement to help manage your workforce during the pandemic.

Credits: https://www.kenteventservices.co.uk/