The Event and Promo Staffing Industry loses 50% of its workforce


Recovery report (March 2021)

There was a mixed response to the roadmap from the events industry and although a sense of hope was tangible, a “not before date” of May 17 for live events drew a clear line in the sand. If the current roadmap is adhered to, and we are not forced into reverse, the government estimates that June 21st will be the earliest date that the sector could look to return to any form of normality.

Event and Promo Staffing Industry Covid-19 Recovery Report

In light of the announcement in February, we surveyed event staffing agencies and event freelancers to get their opinion on where the land lies and what the past year has been like for them. It’s also a unique opportunity to see where your event staffing agency stands in comparison to the competition.

Have you seen an uplift in new business enquiries since the ‘roadmap for lifting lockdown’ was released last week?


How do you think Covid-19 has changed the event staffing industry and your business?

“Staff costs need to increase substantially. For too long brands have gotten away paying rock bottom prices and now they need to pay the real cost of having staff on demand at short notice.”
Agency Owner

How concerned are you about the following items when returning to work in the events industry?

“Quality of staff changed due to people retraining and finding other jobs. Amount of pay may be reduced perhaps to more unskilled workforce requiring work.”
Crew Member

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Download your copy here and discover what staffing agencies, freelancers, event profs and crew really think of the government’s roadmap, as well as their predictions for industry recovery.