How to nail your Event Staffing Agency Cred Deck


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You’ll also need an impressive Creds Deck

Credentials decks do serve a useful, but limited, purpose. They provide ready-made answers to standard questions that arise whenever an agency walks into a room for the first time. Credentials are hard to get right, time-consuming and sometimes don’t feel like an agency’s priority. But research suggests that a decent set of collateral (as part of a broader marketing strategy) can make all the difference and really change how your business is perceived.

1. Get to the point

It’s crucial to make the most of your prospect’s time and get your point across as effectively and concisely as possible.

Favour credentials which only take up a few slides long per case study. Five slides should be sufficient to sell yourself. A director at Sonos confirmed: “creds are far too long, they should be short, snappy and insightful”.

2. Be results-focused

Evidence of tangible value and results is crucial. That is essentially all you need. Frame a case study in terms of tackling a challenge or solving a problem. If you can measure the ROI your work has delivered then great – but it’s not always as simple as that. Include relevant testimonials and sector-specific insight too.

3. Emphasise your culture

Have a personality! Photographs of your team, or the office dog, or the roof terrace of your co-working space – whatever it is make sure it’s authentic and emphasises your culture. Original tone of voice will also help inject character and differentiate your agency.

4. Acknowledge that credentials have their limitations

Change your perspective about a presentation, think of it as a conversation. The crucial thing about a conversation is the exchange of information, a to and fro – no one wants to be talked at. It’s important to be able to react to remarks and questions you may not have been expecting – that means your credentials should facilitate, not dictate, the kind of conversation you’re having.

5. Get a second opinion

Bear in mind that your favourite case study, or what you deem to be your best work, won’t always be as compelling to your prospect. Get another pair of eyes to look over your deck, don’t take it personally and always think about solving a client problem – rather than how much you enjoyed a project.