3 Event Tech advances for a Kick Ass Sampling Campaign


Product Sampling is one of the most effective brand marketing strategies

Each year the Event Marketing Institute publishes a report called EventTrack that demonstrates best practices in the experiential marketing field.

When it comes to product sampling, the numbers speak for themselves.

81% of respondents said they walked up to a company’s display because they wanted a product sample or other free giveaway.  
59% of consumers likely to tell others about new products they’ve experienced (Nieslen).
54% were drawn in by a discount or special offer.
49% wanted to learn about the product or service being promoted.
46% said they liked the brand or thought the activation looked interesting.

It’s not just about free stuff

The rather unsurprising conclusion is; people like free stuff! Free food, free clothing, free drinks, free anything.  

“Giving away product samples at any type of experiential marketing event is the best thing you can do to draw consumers to you.” Factory360.com

Value of great Promo Staff and Brand Ambassadors

Invest in promo agencies with excellent brand ambassadors

A solid team of brand ambassadors will be the making of a sampling campaign – they are the embodiment of the brand.  If a respondent tries a product for the first time in a positive environment, with a friendly and well-informed person helping them, they are more likely to:

  •       have a positive experience of that product
  •       form the all-important emotional engagement with it
  •       recommend it to a friend

Getting the right staff is vital. Promo Agencies are experts at finding the right talent for the right events, they are the first port of call for any sampling campaign.  With the insertion of tech, a sampling campaign becomes a two-way engagement, which is a much more effective conversion tool.

3 ways Brand Ambassadors can implement tech to deliver a killer Sampling Campaign

Brands and Agencies who have creatively embraced tech in their campaigns are enjoying steady success by offering real and meaningful experiences to their consumers.

Incorporate #SocialMedia

Social media and product sampling are a winning combination. Social sampling in itself is extremely effective, and gaining ground from new product offerings to subscription services. Campaigns that require respondents to engage with social media – i.e, tweeting a particular hashtag in order to get the freebie/taking a picture with the product or brand and sharing it via social media channels – are seeing impressive results.  EMI’s annual EventTrack study backs this up, stating “98% of consumers create content at events, with 100% of these producers sharing the content online.”

Smart Vending Machines

Using facial and gesture recognition technology, brands such as Coca-Cola, Unilever and Kraft are taking sampling a step further by delighting consumers with amazing experiences. Big brands are leading the example, such as the Coca-Cola Happiness Machine and Unilever’s ‘smile-o-meter’, Happy Ice Cream machine allowed consumers to pick out their free ice-cream by prompting a big smile.

Immersive Tech

Brand Ambassadors armed with Event Tech are a powerful combination

This is the area that investment in promo staff and brand ambassadors really pays off.  With the increase in immersive tech, having fully trained and informative staff who are up to date with VR, 360, AR and Touch screen interactive surfaces, is imperative.  Respondents are seeking, and expecting, a more interactive and challenging experience .

Promo Staff + Event Tech = Brand Success

There will be many more advances to come but the message is clear, tech and brand ambassadors are a powerful pairing.

“The combination of sampling with elements of experiential marketing is proven to be the best way to create two-way interactions and emotional connectivity, allowing consumers to experience the brand, build trust, drive purchase and recommend it to friends.” HotCow.

Complex product sampling campaigns incorporating tech require serious organising. Liveforce takes the pressure off by providing a mobile scheduling platform for promo agencies and event planners. The app provides assistance in all areas of organising and communicating with event industry staff and crew. Add Liveforce to your arsenal, try a demo today.