Event staff scheduling

Create multiple schedules to manage your temporary staff across all of your events and campaigns.

Flexible scheduling with Boards

Calendar layout makes staff scheduling a breeze

Our calendar interface means the whole scheduling experience is intuitive and super visual.

Calendar layout makes staff scheduling a breeze

Use a single Board per project, manage all your projects on one Board, or do a mix!

Flexible staff scheduling

Organise jobs into sets and groups to help manage complex projects.

Combine jobs into sets and groups

Keep an eye of financials across your entire Board, set or group. 

Never lose track of scheduling financials

Set a different primary contact for each job.

Schedule event staff across multiple campaigns

Publish new jobs in minutes

Our intuitive scheduling tool allows you to create and publish a new job in minutes. No special training required!

Quickly publish staff scheduling changes
View staff availbility

Quickly view and invite available applicants

Fill your jobs quickly by immediately seeing available crew with the right requirements – then simply invite, or book, them onto the job.

See the fulfilment status of all your jobs

Single view across all your boards using traffic light indicators to help you keep track of job fulfilment.

Job fulfilment status on one page

Job details and requirements

Job description

Provide candidates with a job description and set additional info that’s only seen once they’ve been approved.

Job description

Create jobs with multiple roles, requirements, differing times and wages.

Multiple roles on one job

Add location details and drag the pin to the exact location on a Google map.

Provide location details

Use hourly, fixed or no-fee salary types

Flexible salary types

Easily set the skill, tag and attribute requirements that you’d like your candidates to have.

Set skills and attribute job requirements

Add labels to each job for tracking and reporting.

Add labels to jobs for reporting

Boards dashboard

View all the key stats from across all your Boards on a single page.

View key stats across all boards
Edit multiple jobs at the same time

Select and edit multiple jobs at the same time

Save time by selecting and editing multiple jobs at the same. Use the same technique to view available candidates across multiple dates. 

Additional features

Copy and paste

Copy and paste jobs across multiple dates to quickly create lengthly staff schedules.

Favourite Boards

We’ve all got our favourites! Flag your fav Boards and they’ll appear at the top of your dashboard.

Edit and change past shifts

Things change and you may need to update details on past shifts. Make a change or add more crew.

Undo and redo

Oops! Don’t worry! Use our undo and redo buttons to take multiple steps backwards and forwards.

Location importer

Nationwide project across a lot of different locations? We’ve got a nifty importer to help you with that.

Concurrent editing

Multiple admins can be working in the same Board without the worry of saving over each others changes.

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