Crew App

On-Demand Event Staffing App

Your temporary workforce or event staff will stay informed and up to date with 24/7 access to Liveforce.

Dedicated app for your Temporary Event staff

Easy to use

We’ve made the Crew App simple to use with easy to follow, intuitive processes. Crew can search for jobs, apply and manage their timesheets, all from within the app.

Quick to set Up

Invited Crew or Applicants simply fill out all the fields of their profile. Admin’s can accept or decline applications to include them in their workforce database, and that’s it! 


Let Liveforce take care of the details. Your Crew will receive automated notifications about roles they can apply for, upcoming jobs, reminders to confirm attendance and to check in.

View all your event jobs on your calendar

Everything your on-demand or temp Event Staff need


Crew Calendars are packed full of all the information Crew need to apply for roles or details of jobs they’ve been booked into.   

Job Board

Post your jobs to the Job Board for Crew to apply in one easy step!


Dedicated Earnings Tab means your Crew can stay on top of their earnings at any time.


Crew can set their availability from their calendar. This is synced with your Liveforce Admin platform to only show you candidates that are available.

View available jobs on the Job Board

Always use the right channel

Send as email


Choose email if you need to explain a task at length, or for sharing links to apply for a role.

Send as SMS


Push notifications are sent straight to the Crew App ensuring they never miss important information.

Send as push notification


Use SMS to get key information out to Crew fast!

Single Crew log-in

Crew can be registered with multiple agencies but only need to sign up once! This makes it easy for Crew to work with multiple agencies using Liveforce - plus we sync bookings so no Liveforce Crew can be double booked across multiple agencies.

Single Crew Login

Live Chat support

We help you look after your Crew with our online support. We have a knowledge bank full of helpful guides and articles for Crew to get the most out of Liveforce. We also have live online support chat to help with anything from signing up to getting paid.

Download The App Or View On Any Device

Crew can easily download the App for their Apple or Android device. They can also access the site through any web browser.

"With Liveforce I can manage all my jobs in one place. I can keep track of my earnings, submit timesheets and expenses - even get directions to my job - all in one app! I love it"

Brand Ambassador

Additional Feature information

Geolocation Check In

We utilise Geolocation for Crew to check-in when they are near the job location.

Confirm Attendance

Before a shift Crew will automatically be alerted to confirm their attendance within the app. 

Submit Timesheets

Timesheets are auto approved after a shift ends, they can be adjusted if changes occur until payment is made.

Expense Claims

We’ve made it easy for Crew to submit expenses within the app, Admin can approve or decline, remaining in total control.

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