Event & Promotional Staff App

From registrations to expected earnings, our Crew Job Board app makes fewer demands on you and your freelancers. Let’s get to work!

Super simple registration

Even when you’re in a hurry, it’s easy to get valuable freelancers on board. You send them an email. They click. Within a couple of simple steps they’re registered, and available for work.

Automated notifications

When you need a crew, the Job Board App gets the word out fast. But only to available freelancers – they’ll set days they can’t work – saving everyone valuable time.

They’re in control

Promotional staff update their own details, saving you time. They can even tell you when they’re unavailable.

Creating a profile

The promotional staff sets up a profile showing the kind of jobs they like to do, their skills and experience. Together with their photos and other relevant personal details, you’ll easily see if they’re right for a particular job.

Profile screens

Browsing new jobs

Remember chasing promotional staff by phone, text or e-mail? Maybe you still do. Liveforce automates by showing crew what’s available and when, all in real-time.

Job board screens

Applying for shifts

Freelancers get back to you just as fast. A tap on a button is all it takes to apply for a shift. And status updates are automated.

Job details and application screens

Easily view upcoming shifts and new jobs from the dashboard

See upcoming shifts in calendar format, and the status of the shifts they’ve applied for. Freelancers can also view new jobs when they’ve got availability – encouraging them to work more without you having to chase them.

Crew app dashboard

Timesheets and expenses

Because timesheets can be sent so easily from the app, chasing them won’t be part of your day. You can approve them and pass them for payment in just a couple of clicks.

Crew app timesheet screens


Freelancers want to know how much money is coming in. They can also compare the current month with previous months, helping to keep a track on finances.

Earnings screen