Liveforce Receives 2 Employee Scheduling Software Awards


Booking the best temporary staff for multiple projects is a hard task if done traditionally. According to top-class B2B review website FinancesOnline, Liveforce transforms this cumbersome endeavour into a simple job

: “Liveforce makes staff management a breeze if you are working with temporary hires and dealing with events of all types and sizes.”

Their experts came to this conclusion after they reviewed all aspects of our end-to-end promotional staffing software, from Liveforce pricing and features to the numerous ways businesses can benefit from our platform.

The icing on the cake is the two awards granted by FinancesOnline: Great User Experience and Rising Star awards for 2018.

Placing a spot in their list of recommended employee scheduling software, Liveforce impressed the FinancesOnline review team with its capability to “keep you on top and in control” of multiple events through a centralized dashboard.

This is complete with real-time information to help you make fast, surefire decisions for event success. According to their experts, this easy management extends to staff recruitment as well, with our tools helping you quickly share job postings and effortlessly narrow down competent personnel for your crucial project.

There are much more positive remarks about Liveforce in the FinancesOnline review, and we were also recommended in their article tackling how employee scheduling software works. These are just some of the reasons why FinancesOnline certified us with the Great User Experience and Rising Star titles.

The Great User Experience award is granted to software solutions that provide an especially pleasing interface and well-designed features. Its Rising Star award stems from our positive user feedback, with their experts indicating that Liveforce clients believe our staffing solution is efficient and reliable for launching successful events.

Try Liveforce today to experience the perfect promotional and event staffing platform for all your event needs, from creating projects and recruiting your team to managing schedules and paying your crew.

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